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It’s something that the bigoted OIC is desperate to quash.

Oh yes, the Counterjihad / anti-Islamization movement does indeed have a sound intellectual basis for countering the Islamic threat. The political status quo would have you believe that we don’t, in order to marginalize and to discredit us, but the facts speak otherwise.

As we grow as a movement, more and more people are becoming acquainted with the knowledge of what Islam actually represents, the instilling of the sharia. Islamic law and all of its attributes needs to be rejected in all forms if private individual Muslims wish to live among us, there is no debating that principle.

Mannheimer: Free speech and the right to criticize, however, are the highest values of a free society and elementary components of the UN Human Rights Declaration and the constitutions of the free world. Anyone who claims the right to criticize Christianity or Judaism cannot at the same time call for a prohibition against criticism for Islam.

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Mannheimer’s Manifest for Critique of Islam

By Michael Mannheimer

Even though the press has silenced critique of Islam at best, and at worst made it sound laughable, the existence of an ever strengthening scene that is critical of Islam in Germany and the rest of the (still) free world can, through the insane actions of Breivik, no longer be denied.

Breivik’s mass murder delivered the media(whom, as a result, I subsume together with the Islam-supporting political parties, parts of the Church and the so-called “intelligentsia” under the term “political establishment”) not necessarily an important reason to deal with the islamization of Europe currently taking place (to which Breivik referred), but rather the starting point for a broadly applied concerted campaign of denunciation against critique of Islam in general, and in particular against individual persons in the Islam-critical arena.

The objective of this campaign is to attack “those of prominence” in the Islam-critical movement personally, to discredit them politically and morally by portraying them as crackpots with a “crude” worldview of Islam, a worldview that culminates in adherence to the conspiracy theory of an “alleged islamization, and one that is promoted by the political establishment.

The political establishment, headed up in the media by Stern, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Spiegel, FAZ and also by TV channels ARD, ZDF and Co. – and imitated by nearly all daily newspapers who swim along in their wake, pursues – with this targeted campaign of denunciation – the intent of choking out the Islam-critical movement by criminalizing and villifying any criticism of Islam.

The political establishment, in doing this, is already in the process of fulfilling one of the essential characteristics of the Sharia: in every islamic country, criticism against Islam and its monstrous prophet Mohammed has been forbidden under the threat of the strictest punishments (scourgings, stonings, hangings, denaturalizations, admission to psychiatric wards, etc.) since the beginnings of Islam. And how Muslim functionaries attempt to criminalize critique of Islam as being “racism” and additionally to implant Sharia in Germany as well as in all remaining non-islamic countries where there is already a notable number of Muslims, and even lately in the UN itself.

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  1. So the koranimals want us to shut up? I say shout it out louder! No surrender!

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