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Lets hope that they listen and stay away in droves.

Via Bad News from the Netherlands

Extremist Muslim Group Calls on Muslims not to Vote

The T.V. station AT5 showed a video in which members of the Shariah4Holland group tried to convince Muslim youngsters in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Osdorp not to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections. They said that voting is equal to idolatry, which is the only unforgivable sin in Islam.

The Shariah4Holland is a small group which wants to introduce Islamic law in the Netherlands. Recently, a spokesman of the group called for the murder of Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders in a meeting near the national monument for the fallen on the Dam Square. According to Dutch general intelligence service, there is reason to monitor this organization.

5 Responses

  1. According to Dutch general intelligence service, there is reason to monitor this organization.
    There is something very wrong if they didn’t mean to say “there is reason to continue with monitoring of this organisation”..

    The embargo on voting is not a political protest, it is an opportunity to intimidate the muslim population into compliance with the dictats of Shariah4Holland and to establish a habit of deference to these activists. Terrorism begins at home: family, community then “host” nation.

  2. Hands up all those who are fed up with Muslims telling people what to do. Whether they’re telling their own what to do or telling us what to do, I for one am sick of it!
    Hands up if you have any balls. Male or female, anyone can have balls.
    If you have balls, fight this Islamic nonsense and fight it to the end. We are not going to sit back and left these bearded little creeps push us or anyone else around. This has to stop now!

    Rant over. Lecture over. Thanks for listening.

    1. I hear ya Bob,
      I got my hand up.
      While it’s important to have balls, it’s also important not to go nuts. Don’t let these filthy throwbacks mess with ya mind.
      Keep your mind right and the rest will follow.

  3. Finally, a good idea comes out of islam. It must be a miracle!

  4. “Softly Bob” I feel your frustration. It’s a hard haul trying to wake up the deluded from their greedy slumbers. They don’t want to believe the truth, they were reared on lies and accept them as truth. They won’t even give the truth a fair consideration until islam leaves a mark on their own lives. It will take time.

    Meanwhile, although it appears we are losing this battle, beware the freedom- loving sleeping giant and it’s massive army when pushed too far. Our day is coming.

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