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No matter how many times a socialist rams his/her head into the wall, they can still be expected to repeat the action till time ceases to exist. Basic economics 101 dictates that every tax dollar/Euro taken by government and redistributed, is money taken from actual wealth creation. Socialists are just to stupid to figure that basic principle out.

Socialists take french parliament

June 18 2012 at 06:20am

Paris – France’s Socialists won control of parliament in a run-off vote Sunday, handing President Francois Hollande the convincing majority needed to push through his tax-and-spend agenda, estimates said.

The Socialists’ bloc obtained between 308 and 320 seats – an absolute majority in the 577-seat National Assembly – and so will not need to rely on the Greens or the far left, polling institutes CSA, Ispsos and Sofres said.

Hollande, who defeated right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy in a May presidential election, had urged voters to give him the MPs he needs to steer France through the eurozone crisis, rising unemployment and a faltering economy.

Sarkozy’s UMP and the New Centre won between 221 and 231 seats, the Socialist-allied Greens 20 seats and the far-left Left Front 10, the polling institutes said, with the centrist MoDem winning two seats.

While Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigrant and anti-EU National Front (FN) was set to take between two and four seats, returning an MP to parliament for the first time since 1998, party leader Le Pen herself will not be among them.

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  1. I think it’s great that Hollande won. The socialists and their outdated 70s-rra policies will make the situation in France so much worse than it already is that people will finally be convinced to abandon them forever. At least, people who have normally-functioning brain cells.

  2. Hollande will make things so much worse than they already are that people will finally be forced to wake up from their outdated 70s-era socialistic fantasies. I hope.

  3. We need a new Western Goals anti-communist alliance. The cold war didn’t end the commies just moved into Europe (and took over the white house).

  4. Guess my comments aren’t posting here anymore. Weird.

    1. Mathias, don’t despair, Word Press has some bugs to kill in the spam plug in dept. periodically even long time commenters get dragged into it. If they don’t appear..hold up for a bit…I am continuously looking out for it.

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