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 I’ll add, ”and more than once”.

Obama Amnesty Plan: Catch, Release, Vote
June 15, 2012


RUSH: I have a name for this new Obama immigration policy. In case you haven’t heard, folks, very quickly. The regime today told the border agents: “If you catch young illegals, let ’em go and grant ’em work permits.” No more deportation of illegal immigrants. They are to be given work permits and they can stay in the country. So what this is is “Catch, Release, Vote.”

That is exactly what this is: Catch, Release, Vote.

More here.

2 Responses

  1. An illegal immigrant is a law breaker, a criminal. What Obama is doing is amounts to dereliction of duty in not prosecuting criminals and to add insult to injury he is giving work permits when more than 25 million Americans are unemployed or under employed.
    Has anybody considered the possibility that among these 800,000 law breakers there could Muslim Brotherhood members, alQaeda and whole host of fanatical Muslims out to destroy America. This is an Allah sent opportunity.

  2. It’s a good indication of just how brainwashed Americans have become that not once has any mainstream commentator tried to point out that continuing to allow millions of illegal aliens to flood into the US in an era of chronic high unemployment might not be in the best interests of American citizens. Public discourse in the US has reached a point where extremely grave problems that pose a direct threat to the nation’s well-being, if not survival, can now be magically wished away by simply not mentioning them.

    In any event the number of illegal aliens and recently-illegal-aliens in the US has now reached such staggering levels that they are a formidable political force to be kow-towed to by American leaders, and they and their descendants will probably be able to derail any attempts at genuine immigration reform in the future.

    I feel sorry for kids growing up in America today, who will never know what a truly great nation the USA once was.

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