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The doctor responsible probably responded to the news with ”inshallah”.

Child wakes up in morgue

Kenyan-Post: A 12-year-old Saudi boy declared dead at a government hospital after a car crash woke up inside the morgue as his family prepared to bury him.

Doctors at the hospital in Riyadh had told the boy’s family they could not save him and gave them a certificate declaring his death.He was then sent to the hospital morgue as his family made arrangements for his burial later in the day, a newspaper said.

“When burial preparations were ready, hospital workers went to the morgue to deliver the body to the family,” Kabar Arabic language daily said.

“But they were stunned when they noticed the boy was moving…they rushed him to the intensive care unit, where he is still lying there alive.”The paper said the boy’s family had mixed feelings of delight for his survival and anger for the “wrong diagnosis.”


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  1. Well thankfully at least, they’re seeing it as a wrong diagnosis. I thought they might use this ‘resurrection’ as one of their ‘miracles of Allah’ stories, something they do when they see a squiggle of the word ‘Allah’ written in a tomato. At least this story would be more credible as a miracle than the other farcical junk that they usually come out with.
    I’m glad that they are seeing it as a medical cock-up, as the last thing we want is more Muslim arrogance, and more claims of Islam being the only true religion. There are enough gullible idiots out there converting to Islam as it is, without using this boy’s recovery as another form of propaganda!

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