Baroness Warsi ISLAM IN THE USA Islam is deception



Oh, and she’s completely ignorant of his radical ties as he is.

The peer is under investigation over her undeclared links to Abid Hussain, a relative by marriage with whom she is involved in a catering business.

However, there were calls last week for the inquiry, ordered by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, to be widened after Mr Hussain admitted that he had been involved in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamist party that the Conservatives had pledged to ban.

In his first public statement, Mr Hussain said that he had attended its meetings, although he said he had never been a “member”, and had not told Lady Warsi about his involvement.

She has previously said she was unaware of his activities.

There were also questions over one of the trips to Pakistan by Lady Warsi on which she was accompanied by Mr Hussain.

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  1. A radical fundamentalist organization that is believed to provide funding for terrorists and an import business. What’s so suspicious about that?

    On a completely unrelated note, just how capable is England of detecting nuclear bombs smuggled thru it’s ports? They’d better get to work on that.

    In case readers don’t click over to the full article- it says the guy lying about both the level of his past involvment and his current involvement in Hizb ut Tahrir. He said he just went to a few meetings and dropped out but his brother reveales that he was in fact a recruiter and propogandist for them and is still very involved and is even featured on their website.

    Only public high up officials of the group are called members because they can’t hide the fact. But lower members do hide their connection.

    So – a radical shadowy organization who’s members hide their membership and an import company. Nope, nuthin to see here…

    1. Exactly Truthiocity, they want us to move along…nothing to see here, when all the while the dots are more than easy to connect.

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