Fjordman media bias



Not in a million years, they’re a part of the human race.

The Norwegian state broadcaster is a prime example of bias in the media, as well as Finland’s YLE and Sweden’s SVT. All taxpayer funded, forcibly.

Can Left-Wing Journalists Really Be Fair?

During the Nordic Media Festival in Bergen, Norway, in May 2012, the largest media conference in the Nordic region with 1600 delegates, Professor Frank Aarebrot voiced his deep concern over the fact that an increasing number of Scandinavians prefer websites that are not edited by proper, decent journalists. He considers this trend “disturbing,” since it leaves a confused audience to search for information on their own. The flock might presumably be led astray without qualified shepherds to guide their path.

Research done by him and others in Scandinavia proves that journalists have political sympathies that are far to the left of the general population, and have had so for decades. Yet Professor Aarebrot is quick to reassure us that this has absolutely no impact on the political profile of their journalistic work, none whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, if you believe that journalists with far-Left political sympathies might slant the way the mainstream media report issues, you’re just as crazy as those who believe that Elvis Presley is still alive or that little green men from outer space walk among us and built the pyramids in ancient Egypt. Yes, that was the exact comparison Aarebrot drew in court in his expert testimony during the trial against Anders Behring Breivik. This comes from an oft-quoted and respected professor of political science in his native country.

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  1. There is irony for those who remember how thinking was pre-1970. There was a need for balance in reporting then, too. It has gone the other way to the degree that thought control is harmful, really harmful.

    A balance and mix of ideas is sorely needed.

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