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The good news is, he’s bleeding voters from every community, just his failed economic policies alone is enough to doom him, this is merely icing on the cake.

NOTE: I’m never for the dicing and splicing of American society, they’re Americans first. Any politician running for president who spoke of the Founders, the constitution, and greatness of America, would do well with all groups across the board.

Has Support for Gays Cost Obama the Black Vote?


A Betrayal

Obama, once feted as the “first black president,” has now been dubbed the “First Gay President” by Newsweek. The magazine cover, which ran during the NATO summit, showed the president wearing a halo in the rainbow colors symbolic of the LGBT movement. The country’s talk shows are all discussing Obama’s courageous move in speaking out in favor of same-sex marriage, which so far is legal in only a few US states. It’s a step that marks a reinvention of Obama’s candidacy and has breathed new life into his bid for re-election. But for many African-American voters, the majority of whom are strictly opposed to same-sex marriage, Obama’s declaration feels like a betrayal.

Obama must have known the risk he was taking when he decided three weeks ago to take this position, breaking with his former stance of supporting only civil unions for same-sex couples. Homosexuality remains a taboo subject in African-American communities, with 65 percent of African-Americans considering same-sex marriage wrong, as compared to 48 percent of white Americans. When the state of California voted on same-sex marriage in 2008, some 70 percent of African-American Californians were in favor of a ban.

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