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Tommy Robinson aptly put it in a tv debate a few days ago, (paraphrasing) “this is about (the rise of the EDL) the complete abdication of responsibility by the country’s leaders. A cry out for help.”

H/T: A.Millar

Police said they were negotiating with the protesters staging the “sit down” protest outside the Buxton Road police station.

It comes after a young Sikh woman, who has not been identified, was reportedly beaten and sexually assaulted in the Bedfordshire town by a “Muslim man”.

On Wednesday night, Bedfordshire Police confirmed they were “in talks” with the protesters to try and “resolve the situation” amid fears of rising tensions.

Reports suggested that more than 300 locals were involved in the protest because of “lack of action” from police over Monday’s attack.

There were reports that members of the English Defence League were also among the crowd.

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  1. Why is there a need to point out he’s a Muslim? Also there is two side to this story. The girl was not raped. She invited her ex in her house, and she had sex with him, however her parents walked in whilst they where having intercourse, an due to be being Asain she protected her ‘dignity’ and making her self look innocent by telling them that she was being raped. So you can see why she would say she was getting raped to he parents. Then her parents obviously contacted the police.

  2. No, that’s not what happened. The guy dragged her into the woods and had been previously stalking and threatening her. It’s not a “cover up story” because she’s a Sikh. It was an organised disgusting crime and it’s even been stated on the news that the muslim men involved were deliberately targeting non muslim girls. They had even threatened to do the same to her mother and sisters if she made a statement to the police. I don’t know where you’ve heard that version but it’s obviously from an unreliable source. Perhaps you should do a bit more research before questioning that innocent girl’s character, especially after such a horrific event.

  3. There has never been any animosity between communities in Luton and the EDL should leave this girl in peace. The Pakistani community has come forward in solidaroty with the Sikh community. There is no more a problem in the youth if one community than there is in ither communities in fact far less than the problems of the indigenous.community. This is typical of the uncle nephew duo stefan lenin and karadicz carol of Luton 3rd generation Irish whose.famikies were suspected IRA sympathisers, funders and harbourers in the 1980s here in Luton.

    EDL leave our communities alone and leave this poor girl in peace the whole of Luton stands for justice and wish this vermin his due through the courts. The wider issue is the failing of the Police who were aware of the threats. Yes the girl and boy knew each other there was history and NO this was not a grooming gang. Further it has been treated as a assault and people like the resident Nazis in Luton the EDL kingpins are exploiting this. Was the perpetrator a practicing muslim, did he attend the mosque if ever was he someone who was a.fundamentalist who live by strict codes in their faith. The simple answer is the biy was no more a muslim than stephen yaxley leningrad so stop denegrating and demonising the muslims. We do NOT want EDL meddling in our affair for us they are.the problem and the real.dark.side of Luton.

    Leave the poor girl alone the community will resolve theor own problems and bring the perpetrator to book. Luton is not what these.Nazis describe it to be or want it to be so they are rich selling their hate franchise collecting.the.funds and selling EDL hoodies.

  4. The girl was being threatened and blackmailed by this muslim. Thast is how the girl knew the guy. He is a local muslim drug dealer and known rapist. He has previous convictions of assualt, gun crimes and drug charges. She was brutally raped in an organised crime. The muslims instead of standing against this guy are aiding him? This makes this a racial crime hence why it needed to be pointed out that he was a MUSLIM!

    Rape is rape – if a girl doesn’t consent – its rape simple! He dragged her into the woods and raped her – he as also proud of his actions in court which proves he is guilty. The news is on itv, bbc, telegraph and all other media outlets.

    This guy should be hung! and made an example of for groom a poor girl and then ruining her life by raping her.

  5. Anon she was beaten and raped in the woods, witnesses heard her cries and intervened, not sure where you got this bed room story from, you must be a muslim, so you feel the need to defend the rapist. The issue here is you muslim pakistanis need not defend these scumbags instead you should shun them.

  6. Hi,
    I’ve read all the comments and have to agree with Risha..
    What a sensible statement you have made…well done

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