The big dilemma here of course, is the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic fundamentalists still stand to gain big time from any Western intervention. If there were a majority of western leaning Syrians waiting in the wings to take over once Assad was removed, I would be leading the call for US involvement, I however do not wish to see another Libya or Egypt take place on Israel’s border.

NOTE: This is not an easy call, there are in fact regular people suffering here. There just isn’t a credible president in the WH presently that can do any amount of arm twisting, Obama is a joke.

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  1. The US should not waste American blood and treasure on people who do not like us. Whoever comes out on top in Syria will hate the US. Obama and Hil cannot be trusted after all their messups . I’m sorry for these people, but we cannot help them all. Human rights is a nasty business, and many have to make the ultimate sacrifice. This is how Assad, like his father, thins the herd. Next the muslims will move in to take over dwellings emptied out. Russia is making too much off weapons sales. I cannot imagine Syria letting us in–where would they put the WMDs from Saddam?

  2. Did it really happen? If it did, which Muslim scumbags did it, Assads scumbags or “freedom” fighting scumbags? We may never know. I don’t put a lot of trust in what drips out of Muslim mouths. Syria and Muslims are not worth the effort of defecating.

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