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The Obama Government Backs the Atrocity-Producing Forces So How Will it Stop Atrocities?

By Barry Rubin

How can one write satire when the Obama Administration has created an Atrocities Prevention Board to prevent mass murder and genocide at the same time as it has been largely supporting the forces most likely to commit mass murder and genocide?

With the exception of Libya—an issue I’m not going to debate in this article–the Obama Administration has been distinguished by its accommodation with those who have committed and are most likely to commit atrocities.

For example, Obama gave a speech in Afghanistan welcoming into political life those members of the Taliban who would renounce violence and obey Afghan law or, more accurately, those who would say such things for just long enough for the Americans to leave the country. But the administration has been negotiating with a Taliban that has done neither. It has committed past atrocities, including complicity in the September 11 attack which would presumably be pardoned.  No matter what it pretended, the Taliban would put Afghans under an oppressive regime again if—or should I say as soon as—it has the chance. My June 2011 article on Obama’s Afghanistan policy remains quite relevant.

Once again in his speech, Obama made the deadly error of claiming that, in effect, al-Qaida is America’s only real enemy in the world. Even the Taliban (whose name he cannot pronounce correctly) is redeemable, though it answered him with a suicide attack in Kabul. As for Obama’s other claims (international consensus for stability in South Asia, etc) he can’t even get Pakistan to stop supporting the Taliban and concealing al-Qaida leaders. And India has been treated by Obama in a manner reminiscent of his policy toward Israel.

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  1. I post this here, new from ANC (South Africa):

    Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has rejected “with utter contempt” suggestions that there was a racial motivation for his move to stop Israeli goods produced in occupied Palestinian territory from being sold under the label “Made in Israel”.

    Davies is a communist, what else you can expect from a communist.

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