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Sad to say, but Sweden is so far gone, that it’s even beyond parody.

I have posted repeatedly on the social engineering of Sweden, which has long since given up on a society where men are men and women aren’t. Add to that a disastrous mix of Muslim immigration/refugee applicants who then understand Western society as completely feminine and therefore something to abuse. You couldn’t make this scenario up if you tried.

A country tries to banish gender

I’m seeing more things I’ve written about at this site hit the mainstream media. For example, at the quite lefty American website Slate there is an article on Sweden’s efforts to make gender not matter (the subheading of the article is “A country tries to banish gender”).

The Swedish project is an earnest attempt to fulfil the logic of liberal politics. If you believe that autonomy is the highest good, then you will believe that individuals should be self-determining, which then leads to the belief that predetermined qualities should be made not to matter. And our sex is a predetermined quality.

So the Swedes are implementing the same philosophy as other Western countries, only more radically. The starting point of making gender not matter was the idea of equal opportunity. But in a society with equal opportunity men and women will still choose different roles and commitments. Our sex will still matter. So the logic of the liberal principle is to push beyond equal opportunity.

More here.

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  1. The Left are always trying to reinvent the human race because the human race as it is doesn’t adopt the same warped views as they do! Why give the people what they want, when you can make the people want the same as you want?

  2. The Swedish gender project is stillborn from the beginning. Only liberal academics are stupid enough to believe in such crap.

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