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A.I. is taking its talking points and agenda straight from the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. The Islamophobia ruse is one the biggest con-jobs perpetrated on the West. A.I are nothing more than lackey’s fulfilling their role as dutiful dhimmis doing the bidding of their supremacist masters. To be in A.I. is to cast logical, rational reasoning out the window and swallow the ideological swill being dished out by the just mentioned.

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Amnesty International and Muslim Discrimination in Europe

by Soeren Kern

May 10, 2012 at 5:00 am

A new report from Amnesty International lashes out at “widespread discrimination” against Muslims in Europe. The report directs particular ire at laws banning Muslim veils in public spaces, and excoriates European politicians for helping to “foster a climate of hostility and suspicion against people perceived as Muslim.”

Amnesty International omits, however, all instances of discrimination initiated by Muslims against Christians and others in Europe who have taken them in, and who may well feel dismayed by what might be seen as an escalating procession of Muslim demands, threats and attacks.

The report also fails to explain why growing numbers of Europeans are increasingly skeptical about Muslim immigration; it also fails to mention that in country after country, Europeans have been going out of their way to afford Muslims special benefits, rights, privileges and provisions that do not apply to native-born Europeans, and that are establishing the Muslim population as an entitled class in European society.

The 123-page study, “Choice and Prejudice: Discrimination Against Muslims in Europe,” says that “Muslims in Europe face discrimination in several areas of life because of their religion,” and this “blights their individual prospects, opportunities and self-esteem and can result in isolation, exclusion and stigmatization.”

It continues, “[D]iscrimination against Muslims in Europe is fuelled by stereotypes and negative views;” and calls on European politicians to “adopt a more rational approach” and stop portraying Islam “as a system of values which denies gender equality or a violent ideology.”

Amnesty International, perhaps welded to notions political correctness, also further fails to mention actions by Muslims themselves that might well have been responsible for fuelling the “stereotypes and negative views” that it accuses Europeans of having.

Consider Belgium, where radical Muslims have launched a propaganda and intimidation campaign aimed at turning the country into an Islamic state. Muslim neighborhoods in Brussels — the so-called capital of Europe — have already become “no-go” zones for Belgian police officers, who are often pelted with rocks by Muslim youths.

In Britain, hundreds of Muslim children every year are subjected to forced marriages. In England and Wales, more than 65,000 Muslim women and girls have been the victims of female genital mutilation, and another 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are believed to be at a high risk.

Also in Britain, tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants are practicing bigamy or polygamy, possibly at times to collect larger social welfare payments from the British state. At the same time, radical Muslims have launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities, including London, into independent Islamic “emirates” to be ruled by Islamic Sharia law.

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