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It’s called the revival of the neo-Ottoman empire.

Finnish political leaders in the National Coalition, SDP party and others, are licking their chops too, they see the prize of ‘Turkish markets’ dangling before their eyes like a kid watching a pedophile holding a lollipop, they see the candy but not the danger.

NOTE: These jerks really do believe that they can handle the Muslims, as did the Weimar Republic before them, who thought it could control the National Socialists, and we all know how that turned out.

Turkey: Hollande arrives and Ankara dreams of Europe

EU bid stalled by Sarkozy veto, Berlin expects revival

The end of the Ottoman empire was perhaps the last time that Turkey had so openly supported a candidate in the French presidential elections. Now, with Francois Hollande’s victory and the exit of Nicolas Sarkozy, the “veto man”, Ankara is once again dreaming of Europe.

After the freeze in relations over the last few months, aggravated by the position taken up by Paris over the Armenian genocide, which Ankara denies, Turkey has reacted very warmly to Hollande’s election, with congratulatory messages and phone calls from President Abdullah Gul and the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The press in Ankara and Istanbul are now looking towards a revival of talks on EU accession which were opened in 2004 and proceeded at snail’s pace due to reticence shown at the time by Berlin, and stopped completely in 2010 by Sarkozy. In 8 years, Brussels and Ankara have opened only 5 of the 35 negotiation chapters, concluding just one.

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  1. The rumour in Turkey is that Ahmet Davutoglu is a Sabbatean.

    This could simply be trying to discredit him or if true might drive him to be more Muslim than the Muslims but might also mean, like Ataturk, he considers himself Jewish.

  2. Come on…

    The Turkish deficiencies are so glaringly obvious. They have a “Snowball in Hell” chance of joining the European Union. For one, they’ve been occupying a significant part of Cyprus for almost four decades, with no sign yet as to when they will lift the occupation, nor any conditions set for doing so.

    Also, over at Reporters Without Borders, Turkey is listed at a staggering 148th place on the list. While that is better than Belarus (listed 168) and North Korea (at 178), it is worse than Russia (142) and Congo (145). Even for a European country like Russia, a listing in the bottom of the list alone would surely exclude any notion of joining the European Union.

    And I’m not even started with minorities’ rights, conditions for non-Islamic religion nor the ability of non-Muslims to assume leading positions in the Turkish administration.

    Even though I’m generally not impressed with the quality of civil servants in the European Union, the deficiences of Turkey are so obvious there is no chance in Hell for this to go ahead. As one of our top leaders stated at the June 2006 summit meeting:

    There can be no discount on European valuses

  3. References to the Weimar Republic and indications of what disqualifies Turkey from any consideration as a member the EU mean something to people who read this blog and probably meant something to Sarkozy, but they will mean nothing to Hollande; Merkel was formed in the crucible of the GDR; and the supporting cast of politicians and their supporters in Europe have a sense of history that stops with the latest performance of Rammstein. God save us all, the image of the pedophile and the lollipop is compelling.

    1. Thanks jlh. Merkel and ilk are beyond reach and hope. Ican only try to influence the yet undecided. What you say is absolutely true.

  4. They also occupy Kurdistan. They also have border disputes with Syria, Greece (obviously Cyprus) and Bulgaria. Any one of these makes them ineligible for membership.

    Turkey also has never (as far as I’m aware) paid any compensation for the Genocide of 5 million Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians 100 years ago.

    The Turkish state is a Yugoslavia waiting to happen with Kurds having a birtrate about 3 times higher than ethnic Turks so that (like Iran with Azaris) a civil war is inevitable. Kurds and Azaris are two of Israels closest allies in the region and the recent diplomatic mistake to put Israel offside by the Turks means that Israel is now firmly allied to all of Turkeys enemiesand rivals; Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Azabijian, Kurdistan, Armenia and Georgia. Turkey has created a historical situation in which its bullying has aggreived every single one of its neighbours with the possible exception of Iran (although this is problematic as Turkey doesn’t really border Iran but rather occupied Kurdistan borders occupied Azabijain) who has also been put offside in the race for dominance of the Muslim world. Perhaps it really is an Israeli plot to use the crypto-Jewish FM of Turkey to influence the Turkish government to make such amateur Real Politik mistakes of diplomacy. They remind me of the Ottoman Emporers who needed Western Advisors to control Western Troops (Janissaries) for the Turks to be a great power. The inherent flaws of Islamic culture (essentially that no one can take responisibility for their actions but must blame outsiders) means they, like the Arab world, will never be a great power.

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