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This is taken right out of the pages of Pallywood and Heznazi manuals on how to dupe the international media, who are more than willing to be duped by the way.

H/T: Sam I Am

Terrorists Plant Explosive Device On UN Monitors Vehicle And Film It For Propanganda As A Government Missile Attack-

May 15th 2012

LIVELEAK: Members of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ crowd around the bonnet UN monitor vehicle, and an explosive device is planted on the bonnet and explodes. The event is captured on camera by an operative placed a safe distance away in the area of Khan Sheikhun, Idlib province. No one was hurt by the explosion.

The terrorists claim that this was a missile attack by the Syrian army on the UN convoy. The videos clearly contradict the blatant lie. The second video is damning and shows damage which is not due to a missile landing on the car. The bonnet has been blown open and is uncharred, while the explosion came from lower down. Had this been a missile from the Syrian army, there would also have been scores of dead from the explosion as many people were around the car. Rather, the crowd was used as cover for the emplacement of the device.

Then the finished product:

3 Responses

  1. The Syrian government and the “Free Syrian Army”: two groups I hope fight it out to the (mutual) death.

  2. Leave Syria to the Syrians – Sunni and Alawite/Shia.

    My one concern is what will happen to the Christian minority if the Sunni Brotherhood or Salafists take over.

    What a mess. But its their mess.

    I just want to see persecuted Christians wherever they are get preferential treatment for resettlement in Christian countries.

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