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It was pretty hard to stomach. A panel of speakers in the adjacent building were holding an event that one had to pay 100 Swedish Kroner to see live, where ”yuman rights” leaders read stories of people denied entry into Europe.

Talk about being ungrateful, the West has taken in more people from 3rd world countries and place of conflict than anywhere else, and continue to fund the developing world until the point of financial exhaustion. Yet….it’s never enough.

I had a talk with two of the event’s representatives, a couple of women handing out information pamphlets, who were encouraged to join me due to the down pour of rain and the umbrella I was holding at the time.

I inquired about the event and they gave me their line of reasoning, that Europe is not doing enough. I told them about how much Europe has indeed done already…”just look around you, we have millions of refugees in Europe and elsewhere in the West” and asked when will it ever be enough? They responded, with…never, as long as there are conflicts, we need to take as many as show up on our doorsteps.

I then took another angle. I asked them what about the wealthy regions surrounding these areas of conflicts, why are they not holding them to the exact same level of responsibility as they do the West? They were silenced, for a bit, then came the apologetics, they can’t be expected to take that many in like here in the West.

Oh really? The gulf states a incredibly wealthy, why isn’t the human rights NGO’s pointing a finger at them? Why should they be given a free pass? Don’t you think that holding them to a different standard is an act of racism? Silence…and yes…some pondering over what I said.

I continued. What about the mental, physical and financial stress traveling from the far corners of the globe to come to Europe? What about the added stress in learning to cope with an entirely different culture and learning the language, especially for the parents who never learn it as good as the children? Again…silence…then some apologizing but not with the same conviction as before.

In the end, one of them, the older of the two agreed with me that at least, on some level, the rich state of the oil producing Gulf, need to step up to the plate and do more about taking refugees in, that it’s just not Europe/West that should be expected to bear the entire burden. The other woman was a complete dope. “open borders all the way”!

NOTE: SHeik Yer’Mami was visiting Sweden and I joined him for a couple of days of fun and confronting the Leftists/Muslims. There is more to come.

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    1. Thanks EDL Buck. Much appreciated. These people are nut-jobs…at least one wasn’t brain dead.

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