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And YLE, the publicly funded state broadcaster pimps their crap.

The galling thing here is, the Arab-Israeli mentioned in the article that was gunned down, Juliano Mer-Khamis, according to a good TT source, is

“(a theater director in Jenin who was half Jewish half Palestinian) was almost certainly murdered by Islamists who opposed his quest for co existence between Israel and Palestinians.”

This idiot wanted a bi-national state, or in other words, destruction of the world’s only Jewish state, which is not an option, and anti-Semitic to even suggest so. Another colleague informs that:

“Jenin is not so bleak as claimed. After the mini-war in 2002, foreign govts put a lot of $$$ into Jenin, building new homes inter alia.”

NOTE: An intersting tid-bit: “The local community has also been suspicious of the venture. “No one accepted the idea that a girl and boy are together on the stage,” explained actor Mariam Abu Khaled.”

More here.

UPDATE: From Challah Hu Akbar, who delivers more info on these hucksters:

The murder of Israeli Arab actor and film producer Julian Mar-Khamis in Jenin last year should have sounded an alarm bell among the media representatives. His killers have never been caught, sparking a wave of unconfirmed reports about the involvement of influential Fatah gangsters and Palestinian security officers in the case.

A Western journalist who wanted to do an investigative report into the case was warned by senior Palestinian security officers that she would be putting her life at risk if she insisted on carrying out this mission.

Khamis’ partner and former leader of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades was detained few days ago by PA forces
Follow other links in here for other material related to PA security operations in Jenin recently following death of Jenin’s governor.


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