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The West, and Europe in particular, is being assaulted on so many fronts that it’s mind boggling, where does one start to unravel it all? Due to the rise of the Left over the past 140 years or so, we have had its legacy of both International and Ultra-Nationalist Socialism (and all the other siblings it spawned) to contend with. Those sibling ideologies have plundered, both the economic vitality of the continent, while ripping it apart over the past 100 years through hot and cold wars, and it looks like they are at it again.

Not being satisfied with free market capitalism and the liberty and security that it brings with it (stable and prosperous civil societies) to these constitutional democracies, they embarked upon a different path, one of eventual destruction. The welfare state. The lure of governmental ”security” that supposedly provides the daily needs of its citizens (healthcare and massive entitlements) while paying lip service to the private sector that allows and sustains the project (but it can only be for a time) in exchange for their allegiances to the state.

The importation of massive numbers of immigrants into the welfare states of Europe has become normal policy throughout the EU. While normal flows of immigration for the most part (calculated to provide what’s best for that society), are a healthy feature for a vibrant free society, it has to be implemented carefully to ensure that successive generations of immigrants are in fact being successfully assimilated into these societies. That concept has been completely abandoned by the geniuses in Brussels.

What’s been a de facto policy for a almost 2-3 decades (or more, depending what is counted), has been an allowing of massive numbers of lower educated immigrants from non-European countries (especially from the ME) streaming into the continent that allows them access to over-the-top welfare benefits. What happens when that policy meets high unemployment, constricting economies accompanied with over bloated bureaucracies and massive debt? What could could possibly go wrong?

Well thought out immigration is a good thing, especially to economies that aren’t burdened with a massive welfare state, it’s one of the reasons why immigration (up until recent history) to the United States hasn’t resorted in the massive problems of civil unrest and anti-Semitism etc.. as in Europe. Without class warfare rhetoric pitting one ‘sector’ of society against the other, people in the US view private success and individual liberty as being most important, and most importantly, as Americans, being the glue that binds the many together.

Even that is now under assault by the class warfare artists, as the Left in the US are using all the same rhetoric and means to divide up the populace into this or that ‘sector’ of people, into “the haves and the have nots”, something that the US has been totally immune to, no matter how many immigrants it received. That is now under assault, by the Left, its multiculturalism now, not the melting pot, E Pluribus Unum, Out of many, one.

It’s justs a plain fact, a welfare state that floods itself with massive amounts of immigrants based upon the multicultural model (which further balkanizes society more than it already is by the class warfare nonsense), is just inviting trouble. As a matter of fact, it was only a matter of time when the Ultra-Nationalist Leftist (fascists/neo-nazis) start to rear their heads, not if.

NOTE: I received the following in an email, there’s no url.

They’ve done this before and it succeeded and they are doing it again.

This is how genocide starts

The poster in the attachment portrays a handsome young man dressed with SS like uniform as he holds a ” tiny” Jews from his hair. The Jews is miniature, ugly, with distorted face, projected nose and is shaking from fear. His pockets are full (A sign for large amount of money…).

For those who wonder, this is NOT a poster from Germany during the 1930th.

Rather, thousands of its copies are currently hanging all over Hungary. (The picture was taken last March 2012).

Yes, Jew hatred raises its ugly face once more. So, for those who do not exactly appreciate what we are doing in Israel and why we must protect our one and only Jewish state,

This picture is a vivid reminder: SPEAK OUT! DO NOT ALLOW A SECOND HOLOCAUST!!

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  1. Saw it over at Vlad’s yesterday. If I remember correctly this is not the first time the TT has mentioned this neo-Nazi wave in Hungary. I wonder why our European leader, who are very keen on portraying everyone that does not agree with them as a Nazi, are so silent?

    1. Thanks POTB, yes I have posted on this before. It’s whack a mole time again.

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