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You can only play the game for so long before others catch on.

When Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld first published “Behind the Humanitarian Mask” in autumn of 2008, very few people, other than a few Norwegian and Swedish Israelies, understood why he was spending any of his time on dealing with these Scandinavian countries. Dr.Gerstenfeld spotted early on the hypocrisy and fake humanitarianism of the Norwegians (and others like Sweden) who feign humanitarian concern on one hand, while entertaining terrorists on the other.

In regards to Norway, Dr.Gerstenfeld could be considered as a moderate today in comparison  to Prof.Alan Dershowitz, who has recently stated that his Norwegian experiences remind him of South-Africa under the Apartheid-regime. Bruce Bawer, a celebrated American writer living in Norway, called some of them the “New Quislings” for selling out democracy to Islam, and Hannah Nabintu-Herland, who calls Norway “the most anti-Semitic country in the West”.

I believe Dr.Gerstenfeld’s accurate description of the Norwegian political situation (“that largely consists of Labor Party and Far Left constituents”) still stands:

“Norway is a democracy ruled by ‘progressive’ hate-mongers.”

I believe that the Norwegian government is starting to realize that the image of the country is getting closer to what we have been accurately reporting it be, and the international community is no longer being fooled. That carefully manicured image of a peace loving, humanitarian that wants nothing more than to spread good will and Nobels, is being laid bare as a sham for all to see, and it’s starting to crack their facade.

The following op-ed is a flimsy ass-saving attempt by the current Norwegian ambassador to Israel to deflect justifiable criticism by a writer, Michael Sharnoff, who touched on many of the same issues that Dr.Gerstenfeld, and others, including yours truly, have touched upon over the years.

In short, I smell fear.

The Norwegian government has consistently proved itself to be a friend of Israel.


05/09/2012 23:31
Norway has been a strong supporter of Israel since its foundation. We remain committed to Israel’s right to exist within secure and internationally recognized borders, and we have over the years committed financial and political resources, as well as the lives of Norwegian soldiers, to that end.

The Norwegian government, like the Israeli government and the Palestinian leadership, remains committed to a two-state solution. Just as there is widespread opposition in Norway to the expansion of the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, there is widespread support for the Israeli right to live in security. We consistently condemn the targeting of civilians by rockets from Gaza.

Nevertheless, The Jerusalem Post persists in regularly publishing strongly anti-Norwegian articles. The latest example is the article by Michael Sharnoff, prominently placed in the 1 May edition. Mr. Sharnoff’s article follows a familiar pattern. He makes harsh allegations against “Norway,” “the Norwegian leaders” and “Oslo,” claiming that many in the Norwegian government have recently displayed a pattern of anti-Semitic attitudes “which would make Islamist radicals very proud,” and also claims that the actions of Norwegian leaders “exhibit traits of genteel anti-Semitism.”

He even goes so far as to claim that “If Vidkun Quisling was alive today and read the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements that were coming out of Norway, a big smile would appear on his face.” Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Norwegian history would know how insulting the reference to Quisling is to Norwegians.

If you want to make a serious allegation, you have to make sure you have your facts straight. This is the problem with Mr. Sharnoff’s article. Actions and statements are described as anti-Semitic without real justification, and then attributed to Norway or the Norwegian people in general. In the following I will address some of the claims made in the article.

Claim: Norway is singling out Israel among all other nations for international opprobrium.

Fact: Even a brief glance at the website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that Norway’s commitment to human rights, democracy and peace is worldwide, not confined to one country or part of the world.

[TT: Name one state, other than Israel, that the Norwegians have waged a campaign against in the form of a book funded by Norwegian taxpayers that systematically lied from cover to cover.]

Claim: Then-Socialist Left Party leader Kristin Halvorsen proposed a boycott of Israeli products in 2006.

Fact: It is true that Kristin Halvorsen publicly supported her own party’s campaign. She also subsequently made it clear that the Norwegian government is opposed to a consumer boycott of Israel. The Norwegian government does not believe that boycotts are an effective way to promote political change. But a consumer boycott is a legitimate way to protest policies that you are against, and cannot in itself be claimed to be anti-Semitic.

[TT: The fact still remains, as an acting member of the Norwegian government, Halvorsen proposed a boycott of Israeli products. No amount of spin will erase that. And if she could have persuaded her government to support it, she would have.]

Claim: Norway has refused to follow the US and EU in classifying Hamas as a designated terrorist organization.

Fact: Norway does not have a national list of designated terrorist organizations. This is a general policy which is not particular to Hamas. What we do have is legislation that outlaws terrorist actions, and we have shown, not least through our military commitment in Afghanistan, that we are unwavering in our resolve to combat international terrorism.

[TT: It should nonetheless, have a list of designated terrorist organizations, and since it refuses to draw up such a list, Sharnoff was right. That Norwegians insist on not doing so says more about themselves, than about Sharnoff doing the finger pointing.]

Claim: The Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre has insisted that Israel dismantle the security barrier.

Fact: Norway has consistently recognized the security needs of Israel and Israel’s right to self defense. According to the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice published on 9 July 2004, the construction of the security barrier in The Palestinian Territory was contrary to international law and should be dismantled. It should also be remembered that the problem the court found with the security barrier was that it was built on occupied territory and that other considerations than security were important for the route that was chosen for the barrier.

[TT: Sure, insist that they have a right to address their security needs, then throw them under the bus when the meet those needs. Lets be clear, this is a very disingenuous game being played here. The Norwegians, just like the Swedes, are big on telling Israel what it can’t do to protect its people, but they never offer any suggestions on what they can do to protect their people. Do you begin to see their angle?]

Read the rest of the BS is here.

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  1. During the so-called Arab Spring, a major Norwegian newspaper published in its daily edition an article that was illustrated with a large and detailed map of the Middle East. The area that is Israel was left blank and designated only as “Palestine” or “The Palestinian Region.” In other words, a leading newspaper redrew the map and completely eliminated the nation of Israel in order to cater to the prejudices of Norwegian media and the Norwegian reading public.

    An event of this nature would be unthinkable in most Western countries. In Norway, it passed with No comment at all, because it was so typical of national opinion that it generated no interest. This is only one of the many examples of overt Israel-hate that occur here on a regular basis.

    1. Thanks Mathias, you validate the main premise. I can only scratch my head in amazement. I wish it wasn’t so.

  2. The ambassedor is a shameless liar.
    I have been a Norwegian Friend of Israel for more 40 years, and I have seen what has
    happened in my country, post the six day war, when Israel receicved massive
    support. There has been a long term organized campaign against Israel, from
    the press, politicians, academia, NGOs (subsidized by the state), others and
    implicit against the Jewish People, under the disguise of being legitimate
    criticism of Israel. Then I ask 1) why these critics never ever give Israel
    any slack, its all one sided and hostile and 2) never ever do they
    criticize Israels despotic enemies or expose their evil deeds. Their double talk, and what they say to their own, and how they teach their children to kill jews. This education my goverment gives money to. NGOs under the cover of aid org. support, one part of the Labor Party, Norsk Folkehjelp. The other the state church. Kirkens Noedhjelp. The bishops in Norways support the despots, and are very proud of it. They all know, that its a one state sollution, with now jew in it. Everything else is crap.

    Finally; being a Friend of Israel; put your security in danger: I refer to
    the 1/8/2009 attack, Krystall Nacht in Oslo, no one prosecuted. Senior
    member of the governement, was there to support the facist mob. JP showed the
    picture of Kristin Halvorsen, not the Norwegian press. They covered up the
    whole thing.

    In addition the fact that our Jewish compatriots, now must hide their
    identity, and are refused to come to schools to inform children, muslims
    are invited with their propaganda. The left wing/ political parties, the government itself to the very top, are in bed with Muslims, PLO and HAMAS and that even parties on the right of center, fail to support Israel. There is one party FRP, and now I have sense that it is also sliping away too. To be a member of the club. The Christians Party KrF are failing Israel too.

    We are a small group of Christians that will always stand by Israel, and
    the Jewish People. We see all the evil lies every single day, and the press ignore us. Now you cannot even enter Christian forums, and people come in there – with no
    interest in Christian issues – to attack you, if you support Israel. Its
    not debate, just demonetization, and the usual parroted refrains. So;
    please just tell the truth about Norway, for that the only angel we
    have, that their false humanist image suffers, internationally.

  3. I’m ashamed of Norway and glad I don’t live there. The Norwegian government is about as supportive of Israel as Barry Bam-bam.

  4. And what about the “Israel must be happy to hear the news” comment when it was found out that most rapes in norway are done by Arabs. I was looking forward to read the ambassador’s explanation to that but I didn’t see a response in the article.

  5. This article is brilliant, and I applaud Dr. Gerstenfeld for his superb insight and intuition. I`m half Norwegian and I understood all this about Norway years back and I moved out. Norwegians are blinded by what can most accurately be described as “collective brainwash”. They all think and act alike and they all seem to envision gold in the place of stones when it comes to their own little country. Do not be fooled by the “standard of living” stories you hear, underneath that there is much arrogance, hypocrisy, depression, xenophobia, racism etc. Norway is a pseudo humanitarian state, and it will crack for sure…

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