Leftist Fascism Obama's Occupy Wall Street Loons Obama's Socialist Pals



Wake up fellow Americans, the Left is serious about Obama’s “fundamental transformation  of American society”.

Breitbart.com: On May 1st, at Union Sqare in New York, the organizers of Occupy had set up a stage for their invited speakers to speak to the assembled gaggle of malcontents and totalitarians known as “Occupy” (for example, I saw the flags of Red China, Venezuela, Cuba and others–but no American flags). At one point a group took to the stage, started screaming in spanish and displayed a red and black flag with white letters spelling “MIR.”

What is the MIR?

It stands for the Revolutionary Left Movement, a Chilean terrorist group formed in the aftermath of the KGB’s failed 1964 attempt to buy the election for “Dr.” Salvador Allende (whose career up until that point included a theses on his theory that gays can be “cured” by putting testicles in their stomach, proposing to sterilize the mentally ill, being one of three Chilean ministers doing paid work–for the price of 300,000 Reichmarks, according to files uncovered from the political archive of the German foreign office–in the service of Nazi Germany’s foreign minister Otto Von Ribbentrop, eulogizing Stalin by promising to work toward “building a grand tomorrow” based on “his grand example”, and meeting with Che and other Cuban Government leaders discuss setting up cocaine trafficking networks). Thus, a bunch of malcontents got together to form MIR–which they planned “to be the Marxist-Leninist vanguard of the working class and the oppressed and exploited masses of Chile, who were looking to break their chains for more than 150 years, fighting for the national and social emancipation which would lead them to Socialism and Communism.”

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