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They better take the Jewish state at its word. They would rather deal with the illogical international community over flattening S-Lebanon, than to worry about Tel Aviv and J’Lem being hit by Iranian nukes and Heznazi missiles.

NOTE: No wonder the Left loves Hezbollah so much, there so “socialist-like”.

The unusually stark warning comes after months of heightened speculation that the Israeli government is considering unilateral military action against Iran’s nuclear installations despite opposition from the United States.

Although the prospect of an attack in the next few months is unlikely until after Israelis vote in a September general election, Ehud Barak, the country’s defence minister, recently insisted that military strikes had not been ruled out.

Israel has always been aware of the heavy price it could incur from such an attack, with Iran able to retaliate through Hizbollah and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza. Both Islamist movements have long been funded and armed by Tehran and have built up vast stockpiles of rockets capable of reaching deep into Jewish territory.

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  1. In a world of cowardice, back-stabbing, appeasement of enemies and scapegoating of friends, Israel is a breath of fresh air. Already unpopular in the eyes of many and already having the Devil biting at their feet and hands, as a nation they have nothing to lose. They should and can remain strong at all times.
    While most of the West bow their heads to the bullies, Israel can look them straight in the eye and fight back. I certainly hope they do so. Never underestimate Israel. Remember 1967. The Goliaths of Iran and Hezbollah are messing with the wrong guys!

    1. Softly Bob:

      This time could be different.

      I remember 1967, but I also remember 1973 when Syrian tanks almost broke through Israel’s northern border. Israel is not invincible and the territorial compromises of the past decades have played favorably toward Iran’s aims.

      A regime change in Syria would help Israel, IMO. My comments on that issue are below.

  2. One of the better things that could happen before Israel attacks Iran is the downfall of Syria’s Assad regime. Such a regime change would weaken Hezbollah and potentially limit Iran and Syria’s ability to re-supply Hezbollah after hostilities. Let us start with the safe assumption that the current regime in Syria is allied with Iran.

    You’ll remember that the 2006 war was ended by a UN “cease-fire” that required Hezbollah to disarm and forbid re-supply. This was overtly broken by Syria and Iran. Hezbollah was re-supplied and the UN force “with teeth” did not lift a finger to stop it.

    In the event of regime change in Syria prior to an Israeli attack on Iran, the ability of Syria and Hezbollah to break a similar UN resolution will be limited in part because the new Syrian regime will need assistance from its Sunni neighbors. A new Syrian regime will best be served taking sides against Iran. As such, whether any new Syrian regime is any friendlier toward Israel is of no matter. The important thing is that a new regime will (in my humble opinion) want to avoid destabilizing conflicts in Lebanon while it is consolidating its domestic rule.

    If one accepts my thesis, it begs the question as to why the O’Bama Administration is not making loud, clarion calls for Assad to step down. These demands were made of Libyan and Egyptian leaders; but not Assad. I’ll offer one answer to my question: The O’Bama Administration’s commitment to Israel’s security is insincere as is the commitment to prevent a nuclear Iran.

    Deep down inside, I think the Israelis know that, but diplomacy suggests its best to be silent and just figure out a way to protect itself with its own resources.

  3. FYI,

    A new Dolphin submarine was recently delivered to Israel by W. Germany. Ehud Barak described it as the single most expensive weapon system in the Israeli Armed Forces.

    Whether the delivery of submarines gives Israel any new capability to attack Iran is somewhat unknown except for the known fact that the submarine can launch missiles; even nuclear missiles. Not an especially pleasant thought, but perhaps the sub gives Israel other capabilities to attack Iranian nuclear targets in other ways; perhaps clandestine.

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