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There’s an honest Islamic cleric for you.

Maulana Abdul Haleem

Maulana Abdul Haleem, says what he thinks and can point to Islamic texts that proves what he says is true. The need for such honesty couldn’t be greater, especially during a time when many (ignorant of Islam) non-Muslim political leaders and their cadres of Islamic apologists constantly insist that Islam is a “forward looking ideology”, and that women are treated as equals, bla bla bla.

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  1. The Maulana Abdul Haleem in the picture is not the one that claims that teaching women is against islamic sharia, he is a different person from pakistan and as such am writing to tell you to remove the picture or we will sue for defamation of character.
    Thank you for your understanding

    1. Provide the proof of what you say and i’ll gladly exchange the photo.

      1. I dont think the proof could be any clearer, the article states that Maulana Abdul Haleem from Kohistan, Pakistan i.e. he cant speak english and was born in 1922. The Maulana Abdul Haleem in the picture is from England and speaks english and was born in the 1980’s. Also watch any of the videos by Maulana Abdul Haleem on Al Islam Productions, they are in english and he never talks about the education of women in any of the videos.
        Refer to link

        1. Well it says he’s from an area that’s highly illiterate but not that he himself is, and nothing about him being born in 1922. But for the sake of argument, if the old tard you speak of is in fact the man, I’ll update with the MEMRI pic.

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