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This is pure outrage.

Nobody deserves this, nobody. This is how future generations of Muslims are groomed to pick up where the previous generation left off. In Afghanistan, boys are sexually brutalized who then in turn brutalize other boys born after them. It’s an endless vicious cycle.

Via: TROP:

It was a rough week for children at the hands of Islamic teachers: The girl on the left was burned by a teacher for not praying – The boy in the middle was whipped for not memorizing the Quran – and the 5-year-old on the right was beaten into a brain damaged coma by her father – an Islamic scholar who preached mercy and kindness.

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  1. I have seen the results of a lot of burning/branding with hot irons, mainly on the upper arms and chests of males, throughout the Arabian Peninsula. The majority were inflicted on the victims when they were children in order to drive out ‘djinns’, as being seen as either slow of mind or wilfully idle in religious practice is considered to be the result of possession by ‘evil’ djinns. Adults with genuine mental illnesses are likewise treated, and in view of this particular ‘treatment’ it is worth noting that the Quran states that djinn are made of “smokeless flame (scorching fire)”.

    However the procedure of driving out evil spirits with fire is nothing new and its tribal origins and can be traced back to pre-Islamic cultures; Islam merely adopted it and adapted it and then spread it throughout those areas it conquered in order to sustain and enforce ritual indoctrination throughout the Umma.

  2. Islam is without doubt, the most vicious, evil and despicable ideology on the Planet, without exception. It should be removed forthwith!

  3. Good grief, man! I hope you were being sarcastic and joking. At times I also think Islam, at least as many interpret it, is vicious, evil, and despicable. But a lot of that is because many Muslims believe they should kill non-believers or at least they should be “removed forthwith”. If you really believe the way to “fix” them is to be like them, why should you be treated differently?

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