Islam in Germany



You know, the kind that won in the Egyptian elections.

Just a sample of what’s more to come as the fundamentalist Muslims get uppity. The Fascist and Anti-Fascist Left have a lot in common, besides their moronic socialism, it’s their amazing ying-yang relationship as the vanguards of society, they really do believe in their own warped, destructive ideologies.

It’s interesting as it’s depressing to know that we now have yet a third, and as equally destructive utopian force to contend with, that is Islam 101, of the fundamentalist stripe that wants to build “a new man” for a better society. The problem is, it’s as much as a destructive force as the two Leftist ideologies just mentioned.

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  1. Well, will they now come to their senses and realise that they are fighting for the wrong cause? Will they realise that their perceived enemies are actually their friends and that their perceived friends are actually their enemies?
    Somehow I doubt it!

  2. Pretty strange…I guess there is absolutely no way of submitting the same comment twice (or even thrice) in a row (like I have done) after it has ‘evaporated’ the first time around. I have tried to do it, and it simply won’t work, it seems. (even though I get the message ‘you have already said that’, it sort of vanishes into thin air)

    Which is basically why I tried to test the system by making the previous (nonsensical) comment. Believe it or not, the system seems to allow for me making a bit of a fool of myself.


    1. Salafi militants can have no use for infidels fighting alongside them in order to further the cause of Islam. It is un-Islamic, haram by default in the mind of Salafis: the prototype of the “genuine” or “authentic” Muslim can be none other than the Muslim that takes his guidance from the one and only source that can be considered incorruptible by Salafis: the Quran. What PC socialist movements don’t realise is that Salafi militants in general are a self-proclaimed moral elite within Islam, that elevates itself well above all other Muslims, even those that take their guidance from Sunni clergy. Clerical guidance can be considered by Salafis as a potential corruption of the Quran’s content. In fact, all Muslims who adhere to such a thing can be considered kafir by a Salafi militant, according to takfir, which refers to the practice of one Muslim declaring another Muslim an unbeliever.

      Therefore, Salafism is the most puritanical strain of Sunni Islam. It doesn’t recognise Muslims who stray from the Salafi path as genuine Muslims. Which means that all Muslims who display Munafiq (hypocrite) attitudes in their religious zeal can be declared unbelievers or apostates by default. The biggest problem anti-fascists
      have is a type of blind spot, the very inability to make a clear distinction between those Islamic supremacist groups, that will deliberately display taqqiyya by incorporating Western antifa groups in what they’re doing (like Hamas) on the one hand, and those Islamic supremacist groups who consider Muslim Brotherhood affiliate groups as equally kafir and immoral (because they integrate Western leftists in their cause) from their own puritanical perspective, on the other hand. *

      Hence, Salafism will increasingly operate independently from gullible left-leaning PC “world solidarity” views in its struggle to counter criticism of Islam. Salafis will not tolerate infidels (either Muslim or Westerner) corrupting the purity of the Salafi moral stance with regards to Jihad. In other words, any act to incorporate some alliance with Westerners in Jihadism can be considered as a de facto defilement of Quranic standards, a moral corruption of the Quran’s content, plus a hindrance and a threat to the purity of the Salafi view on what Jihad should be. Although the puerile vision of antifa anarchists is probably akin to the idea that “all Islamic groups could do with our support, since basically they’re all the same”, they can’t be more wrong in their ill-conceived PC naivety, because realistically speaking, both groups can’t possibly go hand in hand. Salafis will never tolerate PC antifa movements usurping their ‘moral stance’ on Jihad. Simply put, useful PC idiots will increasingly feel how Salafism will slam down on them like a ton of bricks.

      As long as PC idiots find themselves wondering “Why are these people against us and not WITH us, as expected ?”, then I suppose they’ll have to live with being bludgeoned, beaten to a pulp, stabbed or even decapitated in the long run. Remaining stupid, contrary to the evidence presented, is not good for your health, to put it like that. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

      If however, some of them will turn their attention to actual knowledge of the subject, then they might even enlighten themselves and find out that:


      1) Islamism = moral supremacism


      2) Salafism = ultra- Islamic moral supremacism

      and thus

      3) Salafism won’t ever mix or mingle with secular-oriented ideology. Both of them are de facto polar opposites !

      In that case, they might just learn a thing or two…Don’t hold your breath however, it’s anyone’s guess how many of those wankers will have their physical integrity harmed before they’ll start getting real !

      * Which is the main reason why Vittorio Arrigoni got killed, for instance. Being a foreign Hamas militant was of no use to him in the long run.

      1. Anushirva…I have no idea why the spam sniffer snagged your fine posts..all I can say is that when it happens, email me or just wait a few and I’ll fish it out. Sorry for the headache.

        1. I have hypothesized on the issue and I believe that to some degree, commenting systems implemented on blogs regularly run into trouble, so it has to be a technical snag of some sort from the developing team. I remember for instance that ages ago, I submitted posts on blogs making use of the intensedebate commenting system, which was fine at first. Alas, after a while these blogs started to come at loggerheads with the intensedebate team, because many a times technical issues started interfering with discussions to the point where people who had posted comments found out that some of their comments disappeared of their own accord only a few instances after they had appeared. I have regularly found potentially fruitful discussions became bogged down in technical discussion, like

          “Why has my comment disappeared ?”
          “Has to be due to a cookie issue”
          “Have you refreshed the page ?”
          “Did you purge your cache ?”
          “Why has this happened, I didn’t put four letter expletives in my post !!”
          And then there were people resorting regularly to submitting “test” posts, followed by another commenter replying “What is it with all these “test” posts ?”

          It happened a while ago on Jihadwatch as far as I can remember, and Robert Spencer decided to discontinue the intensedebate system on his blog, turning in the end to typepad. The final result of it was that many commenters on JW started to deride the intensedebate team as “a bunch of tech-nerds smoking a truckload of reefers and browsing a shitload of porn while they were at it perfecting the system”, or something to that effect.

          So I think it’s a dead cert that it can’t really be helped unless such a team is really working hard at it or trying its hardest to solve a problem that’s quite persistent for a while. Being a bit philosophical, I suppose that’s just the drawback of technological innovation for you and me…i.e. shit happens, like with browser plugins, internet security software, operating systems troubleshooting issues of various types,…and the lot. Every time something new crops up, especially when you think you’ve seen it all. I suppose we’ll just have to live with it. In any case, it can be helped by people who make excellent blogs, nor by those who submit comments on them.

          It’s usually down to the man in the middle. 😉

          1. correction:

            “CAN’T be helped by people who make excellent blogs, nor….”etc.

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