EU Racism Racism or not Socialism Statism



Or in other words, “la la land utopia is just around the corner if we only continue to plunder the wealth of future generations”.

Racism is here regardless of whether the economy is good or bad, it’s one of the negative attributes to the human condition and cannot be expunged, trying to do so is utopianism.

It’s just that racism is highlighted more during economic downturns and spun in a way to enforce the notion that big government entitlement policies are necessary to hold the monster at bay. Again, that’s utopian thinking, and for the sake of argument, lets say that  their report is true, big entitlement programs are totally counterproductive and will not solve the problem in any respect. Europe is broke. The socialist minded continent has broken its economic back.

The only way to get people invigorated and inclusive in society, is to unleash the free market, the government needs to take its big boot heel off the neck of the economy, drastically reduce government spending and private taxes and liberate its people by creating the necessary environment needed for job creation.

Only by allowing economic activity, greatly freed to works its magic, will produce opportunity for all, and increase the standard of living. The socialists and other statist/big government types, actually work against the poorer of society, limiting their upward mobility through the crushing weight of regulations and taxation. They completely ruin the business market, which means net losses in job creation.

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NOTE: Class warfare leads to real racism and bigotry, economic freedom and individual liberty to choose, does not.

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  1. “La la land utopia” or as Takuan Seiyo would say . . .Prokopian maligning.

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