The TT’s good pal TINSC sends the following article and questions the significance of it. So I inquired from a Dutch ex-pat to find more of the details surrounding the honor rendered to the Rabbi, and this is what I was told:

This is basically a normal act. Anyone can propose candidates for this, which isn’t really knighting. It’s receiving a Royal Order. It has no political purpose – the list of people receiving these orders into various graduations on the Queen’s birthday is very long.

So as far as can be ascertained, there isn’t anything political about the Rabbi’s candidacy, so  Kol Hakavod to him for his knighthood.

More here.

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  1. It has been noted by my friend Debbie Schlussel that the Dutch Royal Family has pandered to Muslims even though Muslims have attacked them.

    I suppose this isn’t particularly significant.

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