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Let me say it. This guy is a jerk, a real bonafide, class-A jerk, who can’t help himself ramming his own size 47 shoe into his own mouth time and again. And guess what? There are many more such like minded political hacks waiting in the wings to replace him, and the Sweden Democrats are the bad guys? You’ve got to be joking.

Reepalu 'pleased' with Obama envoy talks

Reepalu ‘pleased’ with Obama envoy talks

Published: 25 Apr 12 16:32 CET |

Controversial Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu said he was ”pleased” with the meeting with US president Barack Obama’s expert on anti-Semitism, Hanna Rosenthal which took place during her visit to the city on Wednesday.“I think that we had a good conversation,” he said to local paper Sydsvenskan.

According to Reepalu, Rosenthal is very concerned about the increase in hate crimes that is happening not only in Sweden, but in the rest of Europe.

“She was very clear and said that anti-Semitism isn’t worse than any other racism,” Reepalu told the paper.

According to Reepalu, Rosenthal stressed the difference between anti-Semitism and a warranted criticism of the state of Israel.

“On the other hand it is important not to put the blame on Jews in Malmö or any other place for injustices committed by Israel, “ he told the paper.

Mayor Reepalu has been likened by some observers to British ex-mayor Ken Livingstone for his habit to put his foot in his mouth.

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