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You see folks, when you play the class warfare game, you open yourself up to major scrutiny, and if found to be a hypocrite, to major condemnation as well. I don’t begrudge Trumka his six figure salary, he’s being paid by the union he runs (which voted for him) for the services he supposedly provides, fair enough.

But this socialist thug is a class-A hypocrite, he wants you to believe that he’s for the little guy, hence his class warfare rhetoric, but he swims right up there with the upper echelon earning the big bucks as he shells out union cash to promote Democrat candidates who work to further subvert individual liberty and property rights of the average worker.

Face it folks, the Democrats (and union big-wig thugs) pushing this class warfare crapola are taking you for a major fool, they haven’t a problem with wealth, for themselves (nor should they), but they have a serious problem with everyone else enjoying the fruits of their labor, because they need to suck up large portions from their hard earned pay checks in order to redistribute it to others for their allegiance to the party.

Contrary to the political narrative, the unions and big business are the main contributors to the Democratic party machine, in exchange for their patronage. The GOP leadership, ‘the old guard’ or ‘the establishment’ as they are called, are allowed to play the game as well, as far as their ability tack left goes and therefore are part of the problem. It’s only the grass roots of the Republican party, the Tea Party, that stands in the way, and they’re greatly outnumbered by the greedy and ignorant, who are fooled by hucksters like Trumka and like ilk.

In an email announcing the new AFL-CIO Executive PayWatch website, the leader of the nation’s largest union organization encourages members to fight excessive executive salaries. But in doing so, he risks training fire on his own impressive pay package.

In a recent email to union “e-Activists,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka encourages union members to visit the site, calling it “your one-stop shop for the most recent information on out-of-control CEO pay and what you can do to stop it.”

Trying to stir union members into protesting the disparity between the wages of CEO’s and the worker’s they manage, Trumka’s email said, “Runaway CEO pay isn’t just bad for our economy, it’s bad for the morale of working families, too. All workers, from the executive suite down to the shop floor, contribute to making a company successful. But these corporations are buying into the myth that the success of a corporation is the result of its CEO alone.”

As President of the union, Trumka makes over eight times as much as the average American worker.

According to the Center for Union Facts, Trumka brought home a gross salary of $264,827 in 2010, plus another $18,513 in additional compensation, to represent his union. The union leader has earned well over $200,000 every year since he was promoted to Secretary Treasurer in 2003.

In 2011, Trumka earned $293,750.

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  1. This fat pig thug is a hypocrit of the first order….and, he is at the helm of the Titanic, headed for the iceberg….when will the crew (union members) wake up and throw him overboard?? For their sake, soon we hope….

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