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How dare they!

Something tells me that they got on the nerves of the Italian authorities.

(ANSAmed) – ROME – Algeria has complained with Italy over the treatment of two of its nationals deported last week on an Alitalia Rome-Tunis flight, the photos of which – showing the men with scotch tape over their mouths – went viral on the web and sparked a great deal of heated debate in Italy as well. The Algerian Foreign Minister has today summoned the Italian ambassador to the country, Michele Giacomelli, to ”protest vehemently on behalf of the Algerian authorities” against the treatment which Algiers called (according to the Algerian foreign ministry spokesman) ”violent, humiliating and unacceptable”. The incident – with the two seated in the last row of the plane with plastic handcuffs on, mouths taped shut with packaging tape and a protective mask lowered over their faces – is one which Rome has already announced that it will be looking into thoroughly.

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  1. These people have a habit of creating a huge disturbance. Screaming, shouting obscenities, with shouts of allah akbar etc. The whole purpose is to create a disturbance and make the kuffar pay.

    If the Algerian government objects, they can take their fellow Algerians back by providing transport.

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