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Gates of Vienna:

During this heated presidential election season, at least one issue enjoys almost universal bipartisan agreement: There must be no public discussion of President Obama’s birth certificate (or lack thereof).

Democrats, Republicans, media people — virtually no major nationally-known public figure is willing to talk about whether the President really is a “natural born” American citizen.

I have been, and remain, an agnostic on the issue. The only thing I can say for certain is that the online documents presented so far by the Obama team are obvious fakes. Although I am an amateur in the field, my years of work with digital images have made it easy to determine that the two certificates released by Obama’s people have been digitally manipulated, if not fabricated from scratch.

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  1. If Romney does not want to say anything, maybe his VP candidate will. Or the SuperPACs

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, Joy52. Romney won’t rock any boats, lest it upset the mythical moderates he aims to please.

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