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Utterly detestable. 

Jussi Halla-aho responds to Iltalehti’s editorial: The human mind have been raised in whirlpool

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Iltalehti’s editorial deals with the Norwegian mass murder and Breivik’s ideological links in the following way:

“Breivik matured his ideas with the rise xenophobia and racism. He served in Norway’s” Progressive Party “and has referred to Jussi Halla-aho, among others, as his mentor.”

For me, the argument is stigmatizing and totally untrue. Breivik has not labeled me as his mentor nor did he mention me in his own writings or in anything he has said. Prior to the mass murder Breivik published a manifesto, “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”, which can be downloaded and read on a number of Internet sites. More than half of the manifesto’s text is a copy-paste method and published the  texts without the permission of the various English blogs.

The manifest can for an example, be downloaded from here:

My own name appears on the manifest once, page 690. It’s not Breivik’s own text, but a blog post published in 2006 from the Norwegian that goes by the name of Fjordman citing a blog post of mine that I published in 2006 on my own site. In the text Fjordman is said to have come to a similar conclusion on some issues as the undersigned. Breivik had published Fjordman’s text, as is, in his manifesto.

Like I said, Breivik does not quote nor mention me in his own writings or in anything he has said. There is no evidence that he has even heard of my existence. It should be noted that the Breivik sent by e-mail his manifesto to more than a thousand, “European patriots”, for example, to Finns, but I was not among the recipients.

Iltalehti editorial presented a false claim of Breivik’s ideological links between yours truly and connecting the moral responsibility for the Norwegian massacre with The Finns party and especially its wing of ”xenophobes”. Particularly, this directing of “responsibility” is clear from the story of the text:

“Timo Soini has clearly not condemned xenophobia. Short dismissals from the parliamentary group have been a better joke than the “satire” arm bandges. Hate culminated in the Norwegian mass murder, which is now on trial.”

Since Breivik’s text can be for anyone to read and verify, Iltalehti violated the following rules of journalism, at least number 8 and 11:

“8 A journalist has a duty to try to provide truthful information. ”

“11 The public must be able to distinguish facts from opinions and fictitious material.”

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  1. A better translation of the title might be”The depths of human mind have risen forth”.

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