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On April 5th, grad rockets were launched into Israel from Egyptian soil, it has now been determined that they originated from Libya, something that I warned about happening during last year’s removal of Gaddafi from power. I also stated that it’s entirely reasonable to believe that some of the weapons being used by rebels in Syria, originated from Libyan armories raided after the fall of the dictator. This only serves to underline that point, Libyan weapons are circling the region.

NOTE: And some nut-job US politicians are calling to help the Syrian Islamonazis as well. Got to have more of the ”democracy”, right McCain? You moron.

Israeli Official: Rockets Fired at Eilat Came from Libya

Israeli defense officials says that the rockets that were fired from Egypt toward Eilat earlier this month were smuggled from Libya.

The rockets that were fired from Egypt toward Israel earlier this month were smuggled from Libya, an Israeli defense official told The AssociatedPress on Friday.

The official was referring to the firing of two Grad-style rockets at the Israeli resort town of Eilat, right before the Passover holiday.

Israel has said the attacks originated in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has denied the rockets were fired from its territory.

The Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity according, told AP that Israel believes the rockets were stolen from a Libyan weapons storehouse and smuggled into Egypt.

The official said that Libyan rockets were also smuggled into Gaza and were launched into Israel this month, adding that Israel also believes longer-range Scud missiles were smuggled from Libya to Gaza.

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