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This kind of racially charged rhetoric was predicted in the book, Beyond All Reason, published 15 years ago, that warned about the dangers of an ideology promoted by radical multiculturalists called ‘critical race theory’, a topic that the TT has been posting on over the past few months. here is an excerpt from the book:

“Their theories  (radical multiculturalists) also play into the historic dynamics of prejudice against Jews and similarily successful immigrant groups. Because of their relative success and their group identities, Jews, Chinese and other groups have always been attacked by the “have nots” (not to mention some of the ”haves”). These attacks are generic reactions against the success of minority groups–reactions that existed long before the radical multiculturalists.

The Enlightenment idea of merit provided a partial defense to these basic social antagonisms. Even though the radical multiculturalists  may care nothing about Jews one way or the other, their theories have the potential to expose Jews to the traditional attacks by removing the shield of the Enlightenment values. Particularly given the role of anti-Semitism and anti-Asian sentiment in some minority communities, the radicals are unwittingly supplying ammunition to less scrupulous group leaders.”

Beyond All Reason’, The Radical Assault on Truth in American Law. Daniel A.Farber and Suzanna Sherry, pg.10

Pretty scary and powerful stuff, and it’s being used by the race baiters of today to provoke confrontation in US society, to split and crack it from within, in order to lay the groundwork for a ‘transformation of society‘.

Already the Trayvon Martin case is being used by Black demagogues (with the president nodding in approval) for political purposes that are stoking up hate between some Blacks and Whites, and now we see neo-Nazis supposedly “patrolling the streets” of Sanford Florida (Update: Weasel Zippers says no neo-nazis), Blacks in Tulso Oklahoma justifiably fearful of their lives, and a Whites being victimized by Black thugs in Florida and in Maryland.

The current president has the means to calm the rhetoric down, appeal to reason and be truthful about the race card game, but he and his minions want controversy and built up anxiety and angst in society. The current regime views it as the only way that they can manipulate the many players to dance to their tune, and it appears to be working, so just prepare yourselves for more to follow, the Occupy movement is also beginning to rev up its engine and add to the noise on the street.

Washington’s controversial former mayor Marion Barry has come under a fresh storm of criticism after he attacked “dirty” Asian-run businesses that operate in poor parts of the US capital.

Barry, a leader in the civil rights movement whose mayoral stint was marred by his arrest for drug use, went on the offensive as he won the Democratic Party’s primary for another term representing Washington’s poorest ward.

At a rally, the 76-year-old said that African Americans — who make up the overwhelming majority in his Ward Eight — should replace the fast-food restaurants and other businesses run there by Asian Americans.

“We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, dirty shops. They ought to go, I’ll tell you that right now,” Barry told the election rally Tuesday night.

His remarks triggered a furor in part as they came weeks before the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, in which protesters outraged over the police beating of a black motorist targeted Korean American businesses.

“His language is inexcusable, especially in a city as diverse as our nation’s capital,” said Representative Judy Chu, who heads the Asian American caucus in the US Congress.

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  1. The problem isn’t his comments; the problem is the VOTERS!

    The polarization of voters today has become a serious problem. All one need do is examine the percentage of Negros who voted for Obama (approaching 95 percent) and extrapolate to figure out how someone like Barry could be REelected after being disgraced as he was, several times.

    American voters would elect felons, deadbeats, thugs… as long as they met the test of race, religion, color, good looks, sex…

    Apparently what really counts — integrity, ability, common sense, experience, etc., matters not.

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