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File this one under, “when morons collide”

And with there being only a nuance of difference between the two.

Also: Germany’s Far-Right Turns to Environmentalism (the ultranationalist wing within the socialist Left)

Austria: Socialists Set Fire to Own Building and Paint Swastikas on Walls to Blame it on Right-Wingers

[…] “The Socialist Youth organisation JUSOS recently reported that its association building had been vandalised and set on fire. Dozens of swastikas had been daubed on the walls. A sofa had been burned while two students were sleeping nearby. It was attempted murder! Evil Nazis were poised for a comeback, it seemed, ready to take over Austria again! The media loved this story and lapped it up.

There was only one problem: it was’t true. When being questioned by the police, a JUSOS member admitted that he himself had caused the damage to get publicity and damage right-wingers. The perpetrator has now been charged with fire-raising.”

NOTE: The story goes from hilarious to outrageously hilarious, the commie socialist who tried to frame the hitlerite socialists ends up being charged with the crime of painting swastikas, which is illegal in Austria. Bwhahahahahahhaha

H/T: Henrik Clausen via Islam vs.Europe

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