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And the Baroness would be completely correct.

While there are those (either ignorant or disingenuous apologists) who might be tempted to blame the baroness for exaggerating the situation, because, hey, “it’s only a little sharia we’re talking about here”, as you look around the world you’ll see that the reality speaks otherwise.

In every single land where Islam has washed up on its shores centuries ago, they are in the middle of some form of transformation depending upon the degree of Islamization that has already occurred. These people are in it for the long haul, don’t be fooled by thinking of just “in your, or your children’s lifetime” think further down the road.

NOTE: The once Christian lands of the Levant and the Maghreb are now for the most part, backwater totalitarian hell holes, with the once western leaning Turkey leading the charge back to the 7th century. Wherever Islam leads, the countries fail.

H/T: The Scottish Infidel

Alert over dangers of Sharia

The Sun: STONING, whipping and amputations could become common punishments in the UK if hardline Sharia law is allowed to thrive, a peer has warned.

Crossbencher Baroness Cox claimed a rise in the number of British Muslims using it instead of the official court system could even lead to the destruction of democracy.

She said Sharia law will become a way of life in parts of the UK, sparking support for the BNP, unless officials step in.

UK Muslims have been able to use Sharia for legal disputes since 1982.

The baroness said: “We do not at the moment have the most brutal punishments, but there are those who would like to bring them in.”

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  1. Here is an animated map of the spread of early Christianity in the Middle East and Europe for those who don’t want or like reading about it large tomes on history. What the animated map does show is that by year A.D.400 huge parts of the Middle East were Christian and what any thinking individual should ask is what happened to those Christians. The answer is Sharia. Once those Christian countries were conquered by the Muslims and Sharia imposed on the population they converted to Islam to escape an intolerable situation of having to live like a third class citizen in their own country.

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