Though the picture is from late last February, the sentiment and momentum are the same, islam, islam and yet more islam.

Thousands rally demanding sharia law in Tunisia

(AFP) – 23 hours ago
TUNIS — Several thousand men and women demonstrated outside the Tunisian parliament on Friday to demand the inclusion of Islamic law in the north African country’s future constitution.

“The people want the application of God’s sharia”, “Our Koran is our constitution”, “No constitution without sharia,” and “Tunisia is neither secular nor scientific, it is an Islamic state”, cried the protesters, drawn mainly from the Islamist Salafist movement.

Some men climbed on the roof of the building and unfurled a banner that read: “The people belong to God.”

Several women sported the niqab, or full-face veils.

Tunisia’s moderate Islamist leaders, who took power following last year’s ouster of strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after a popular uprising, are under pressure from a radical Muslim fringe.

The ultra-conservative Salafists have in recent months demanded full-face veils for female university students, castigated a TV channel for an allegedly blasphemous film and beaten up journalists at a protest.

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  1. Women were in this rally…. idiots. Muslim women who support Sharia deserve all they get. Perhaps they believe strongly in Sharia because they want the rewards of afterlife paradise, but can someone tell me exactly what is in it for women, as Muslim paradise is tailor-made for men?

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