These Black Africans are stuck in Libya, and are being preyed upon by the Libya Muslims. This is the team that both Obama and NATO helped to gain control over libya. At the very end of the vido Alex Jones, the conspiracy flake pops up, but don’t let that take away from the seriousness of the situation in Libya, these Blacks are indeed being hunted down like animals.

H/T: Vlad

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  1. Arabs don’t like blacks. What a tangle for the Democrats. To admit the truth means somebody goes under the bus. Wonder when self-preservation will triumph over PC?

  2. Lode van Noost criticises NATO but not Arab imperialist Islam, the source of the unrest . . .he can go pound sand. Boatloads of refugee muslim men are not welcome in the financially strapped Eurozone and should be redirected south along the western coast to a safer harbor where they can each arrange, inshallah (/), through the generosity of their tribe’s devout benevolence, a way back to their native homeland on the African continent. Either the black Africaner recognizes, comprehends the carnage his submission has enabled and finally releases his outrage and stands up to outright reject submission to this Arab imperialist doctrine, the bloodbath will not only continue and spread – but accelerate till there is no safe harbor remaining.

    lan astaslem

  3. Here’s two books on the arab trade in black african slaves:
    The european slave trade arose in Portugal, after that country had been under 300 years of islamic dominance. Islam is a curse, and long-time association with it will corrupt anyone.
    In 1951 the UN Expert Panel on slavery reported that 1:20 people in Arabia were slaves. In 1968 the islamic jurist Tabandeh said that under islamic law slavery is legal. No wonder in 1990 the islamic world put forward the Cairo Declaration, where all human rights are subordinated to sharia law. Even last year, an Egyptian sheikh put forward re-starting the slave trade as a sound islamic economic policy.

    The anti-racist dhimmi liberals have no response when presented with these facts.

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