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Sheik Bassam Al-Kayed says: 

Following are excerpts from an interview with Sheik Bassam Al-Kayed, head of the Palestinian Islamic Scholars Association in Lebanon, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on February 1, 2012:

MEMRI: Bassam Al-Kayed: The Jew is a satan in human form. Allah inflicted the Jews upon humanity in its entirety, and especially upon the nation of Islam, including the early prophets and the Prophet Muhammad. The Jew is a satan in human form. We could almost say that the satanic jinn take lessons from them.

What they do is very peculiar. It transgresses all boundaries. They attribute no sanctity to anything that is scared, to any treaty or agreement. They violate all the international laws, all the human norms, and all the Islamic and man-made laws. They violate all values. They are deterred by nothing but force.

Remember folks, the OIC secretary-gen wouldn’t count this as Jew hatred (anti-Semitism)

The Finnish useful stooges sitting on his left, Dr. Marko Juntunen, University of Helsinki, and Dr. Raimo Väyrynen, Director, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, voiced no objections whatsoever.

It was all a hunky-dory, back slapping event!


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  1. There is no Allah but Satan and Muhammad is his demon.

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