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And they will in fact use it.

MI chief: Iran can produce 4 bombs

Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi speaks before Herzliya Conference, reviews regional changes, Arab Spring and Iranian threat

Neri Brenner
Published: 02.02.12, 09:39 / Israel News

“Iran has enough nuclear material for four bombs,” Director of Military Intelligence Major General Aviv Kochavi warned Thursday. Kochavi made a rare appearance at the 2012 Herzliya Conference, where he reviewed regional changes, the effects of the Arab Spring and the Iranian threat.

“Iran is vigorously pursing military nuclear capabilities and today the intelligence community agrees with Israel on that. Iran has over four tons of enriched materials and nearly 100kg of 20% enriched uranium – that’s enough for four bombs,” he said.

According to Kochavi, Iran’s motivation stems from three reasons: Regional hegemony, deterrence and its desire to be a key regional player and while Iran still maintains that its nuclear program is for civilian, peaceful purposes, “We have conclusive evidence that they are after nuclear weapons.”

Still, according to the MI chief, the final decision whether or pursue nuclear weapons has little to do with technical capabilities and much to do with one man’s decision: “When Khamenei gives the order to produce the first nuclear weapon – it will be done, we believe, within one year.”

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  1. I have no doubt that these inbred mutants will at some time use the bomb. The no balls political class is wasting precious time ‘negotiating’, basically farting around, while the Iranian megalomaniac is plotting a nuclear kamikaze attack. The ‘diplomats’ are more concerned about what will be said in the MSM and hurting the feelings of other ME nations and religions then addressing the matter straightforward.

  2. Prediction: Israel will launch an attack on key nuclear installations by June 2012.

    Regional hegemony considerations aside, the political elite in Iran believe that the government can hasten the return of the 12th imam whom they expect to return and conquer the world, and that by stirring the pot down here, the imam’s return can be hastened.

    Sounds crazy but this is the reality.

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