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The European Court of Human rights should be dismantled.

In a landmark judgment, the court said that Qatada would not receive a fair trial if he was returned to his native Jordan where he faces charges that he plotted bomb attacks on two hotels and providing finance and advice for another series of bomb attacks to coincide with the Millennium.

The court said there would be a violation of his right to a fair trial under Article Six of the European Convention of Human Rights, “given the real risk of the admission of evidence obtained by torture at his retrial.”

It is the first time that the Court has found that an expulsion would be in violation of Article 6, which reflects the international consensus that the use of evidence obtained through torture makes a fair trial impossible.

Qatada, 51, whose real name is Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman, has been convicted twice in Jordan in his absence for conspiracy to carry out bomb attacks on two hotels in Amman in 1998, and providing finance and advice for a series of bomb attacks in Jordan planned to coincide with the Millennium. The cases were to be retried.

He was first arrested in 2002 and is currently held in Long Lartin jail after breaching his bail conditions.

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  1. It’s time we started getting tough on terrorists who are allowed to stay in infidel countries. If the courts feel that it’s not safe to send them back home, then we want to make them feel that it’s no picnic for them to stay here either.
    Terrorists that remain here need to be re-jailed, separated from other convicts (so that they can’t proselytise other inmates) and forced to attend de-islamisation classes inside prison. They should have no access to the Koran, be made to eat whatever food they are given (including bacon) and forced to wear prison outfits (clean-shaven, no beards, no sandals). They should be made to labour hard to pay for their keep whilst inside, under the watch of domineering female prison guards (ouch, women in charge?).
    They should carry out demeaning tasks such as washing women’s clothes (laundry duties), making poppies for Remembrance day (all sales proceeds to war veteran charities of course) and making skull caps (for bar-mitzvahs and so on).
    We should not tolerate their crap!

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