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There were reports of this possibility a few weeks ago. The  facts of the matter is this, the nut-job was not insane, as Dr.Michael Welner aptly discerned straight from the git-go. KGS

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Breivik to get new psychiatric evaluation

An Oslo court on Friday ordered a new psychiatric evaluation of Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in twin attacks in July, after an earlier and widely contested test found him criminally insane. “Due to the gravity of this case, the criminal responsibility (of Behring Breivik) must be examined again,” Oslo District Court judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen told a news conference. Two new experts, Agnar Aspaas and Terje Tørrisen, were named to evaluate the 32-year-old right-wing extremist’s sanity.

In late November, two court-appointed psychiatrists concluded that Behring Breivik was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and should be considered criminally insane and therefore not accountable for his actions. If the finding is confirmed, Behring Breivik, who has confessed to carrying out the deadliest massacre on Norwegian soil since World War II, would likely be sentenced to psychiatric care in a closed ward instead of prison.

The initial report, later supported by an expert panel, was controversial in Norway, with critics pointing to the years of detailed planning Behring Breivik had put in and cool and methodic execution of the massacre.

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  1. More psychiatric evaluations are always good but keep in mind that one of the reasons the psychiatrists diagnosed him as paranoid schizophrenic is because of the poor cognitive functioning he exhibited. Those psyciatrists actually viewd him directly, unlike Dr.Michael Welner who had only read of him shortly after the attack before making his innitial pronouncement. Dr. Welner’s diagnosis of personality disorder is only aplicable if Brievic is not schizophrenic.

    Insanity, like healthy personality is a combination of factors interacting rather than being cut and dry. If someone grows up with even a mild easily fixed disorder they can develop other problems because the original problem affects or inhibits the development of other elements of personality.

    The narcissistic behavior was the result of being a loner because he could not develop normal relationships and because of the insecutities caused by not being able to function normally the various areas of his life. so he could be naricissitic and exhibit behavior that a narcissist would but the nariccissm would be a result of other problems rather than be his only and defining mental problem.

    Brievik descended slowly into schizophrenia after living years in a pre schizophrenic state. During this time he was not legally insane but not quite “there” in some way that is easy to see but hard to pin down. Such people seem sane but extremely eccentric in speech and general manner – this extreme oddness was commented upon by police who met him. They were talking, not about what he said and did but about his general manner and his way of speaking.

    In his manifesto he discusses how his mother and sister are sluts and have venerial diseases. This is not the sort of thing you find in even the crankiest crank’s political manifesto but is the sort of thing you find often in the journals and disjointed ramblings of schizophrenics.

    Brievik was obsessed with the degredation of his home country but R D Lang and Anna Freud would conclude that this was an externaization of his anxiety over his own worsening degredation of self. He himself wrote that he was aware of this worsening degredation of mental functioning in his journal.

    1. I believe that Fjordman will be writing about this very soon.

  2. His need for his home country to not be mixed up culturally and his need to express an abnormally extensive political belief system are also symptomatic of schizophrenia. It comes from the need to create order out of their disconnected and confusing perceptions and conclusions.

    Sometimes before full schizophrenia comes about such people become obsessed with physical improvement, going on obsessive and extreme diet or excercise regimes gaining or loosing weight with alarming speed. It is again that need to create control and order in the external world because they are loosing such order in their internal world.

    Schizophrenics also exhibit the spontanious behavior of keeping jornals for this same purpose. When I heard his “manifesto” was 1000 pages long I knew it could not really be a manifesto but the kind of jornal that schizophrenics so often feel the need to make.

    A girlfriends brother is a schizphrenic that does not recieve proper treatment (long story). His room is filled with just such a journal. He says it is a very important project and will explain everything.

  3. I am glad fjordan will be tackling this side of the issue. As you can see it requires annoyingly extensive explanation because of all the different symptoms and behaviors involved. I am sure he can express it far better than I have.

    My conclusions and explanations are not to be taken as gospel but as suggestions for research as even respected proffessionals seem to be coming to different diagnoses. It does come from my collegiate (though now partially outdated) studies in abnormal pscyhology and contemporary proffessional information on the disorder.

    I reccomend using a few sites rather than one for research as descriptions are subtly different.

    Reserach on both schizotypal personality disorder and Process Schizhphrenia (Type II) – it could be either but it’s definatly one of them. It might be easier to start by talking to proffessionals or viewing lectures than to read up on it nilly willy. Videos can be found on youtube.

    Vitally important is finding out the mental health history of the father and mother. There has been extensive study on the relationship between many factors in parents and schizophrenia in the offspring. If there is something in the parents history that can be connected to schizophrenia in Mr. Brievik with support from a study then that will be a clincher as everyone will understand it. The exception would be early childhood loss of a parent- that would be a hard sell.

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