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Who would in their right mind want a court of unelected potentates ruling over them?

The European Union is solely about dissolving centuries of democratic experience and replace it with a technocracy that insists Europeans to be subjects, not sovereign citizens.  This is the face of tyranny and today’s politicians are marching lockstep with it, and against us. KGS

Europe’s war on British justice: UK loses three out of four human rights cases, damning report reveals

  • Ten Tory MPs call on Prime Minister to take action
  • Say there is a need to ‘end rule by judges’
  • In 350 cases, Britain has lost 271 and been successful in only 86
  • Timing of report coincides with three controversial upcoming rulings
  • David Cameron promises to take personal charge of the issue


Last updated at 7:38 AM on 12th January 2012

Unelected Euro judges are making a relentless attack on British laws laid down over centuries by Parliament, a devastating report warns today.

A group of Tory MPs are demanding action by the Prime Minister over figures which show the UK loses three out of every four cases taken to the unaccountable European Court of Human Rights.

The explosive research will reignite the row over Europe’s demand for rapists and killers to be given the vote in prison, and intensify calls for Britain to withdraw from the court’s jurisdiction.

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  1. Abrogate the treaty and get out. This is not in Britian’s best interest. Will you not wake up until it is done?

  2. Sooner or later it is going to get to the point of the folks and their government in one or more EU countries just telling the dictators in Brussels, Screw You and we are out, and willing to resist. I can’t predict the reaction of the ‘Dictate’, however the world will judge them.

  3. They need to get out and clean up their place. It’s a must. UK has to be a leader in the fight against islamization.

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