The problem is that he’s exactly right, and it’s all self inflicted!

Egyptian Cleric Ali Abu Al-Hasan: In Several Decades, “Europe Will Become a Single Islamic State”

MEMRI: Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Egyptian cleric Ali Abu Al-Hasan, which aired on Al-Hekma TV on January 6, 2012:

Ali Abu Al-Hasan: With the [Muslim] emigration [to Europe], and the unwillingness to get married and have children [among the Europeans]… A hundred of people there are succeeded by eighty, and ten years later, those eighty will be succeeded by sixty, and those sixty will later be succeeded by forty, and those forty will become ten a decade later, and twenty years later, not a single one of them will be left!

Europe has realized this. After a while, Europe will become a single Islamic state, which will know nothing but “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.” This will happen whether they like it or not. This is the decree of Allah. Islam is coming!

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  1. Currently the American (USA) birth rate is at an average of 2.1 children per family, Israeli families significantly higher.

    Sadly, elsewhere in Europe it’s all well below replacement rate.

    Unless things change of course, Christian Europe is finished.

    Atheists might not be overly concerned by this trend, but they have to realise that they are to be treated no differently and face the same fate.

    I am sanguine enough to believe that this will never happen.

    I have to believe that Europeans will see the future and make the important birth rate changes. ( A good start would be to scrap the EU and the euro and take the economic stress off the northern Europeans.)

    Dhimmi Christians (Christians in name only) are too fixated on pleasing Muslims.

    The flabby posture that passes for Christianity in countries like Finland, Sweden, and Norway, will need to change.

    The Christian Church needs leaders with backbone who take their beliefs from the Bible if they want to survive.

    The Church in Finland is part of the problem and as it exists now, can never stand as a platform of resistance to the destructive cult of Islam.

    It would be interesting (but alas) not instructive to get the Bishop of Helsinki’s view on this matter.

  2. The future of Europe is going to be what happened with the break up of Yugoslavia.

    1. Not necessarily, although you are correct in drawing a comparison between two artifical creations that never enjoyed the cultural and social cohesion required of its components.

  3. Ali should not count his Caliphates so quickly, sooner or later there will be pushback, which will be neither peaceful or pleasant.

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