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The Tundra Tabloids has been on record ages ago predicting that if/when the Iranian regime becomes a de-facto nuclear power, that’s when you’ll see human rights violations and crackdowns on the Persian people like never before. Vlad mentioned to me earlier today that the Iranian authorities have had ninja-types scaling building taking satellite dished down for some time now, the attack on the Persian internet infrastructure is perhaps a telltale sign that they’ve reached or soon to reach ‘nuclear promiscuity’. KGS

Iran clamps down on internet use

Restrictions on cybercafes and plans to launch national internet prompt fears users could be cut off from world wide web

Iran has given internet cafe owners two weeks to adopt new rules requiring them to check customers’ identity cards before permitting any services.

Iran is clamping down heavily on web users before parliamentary elections in March with draconian rules on cybercafes and preparations to launch a national internet.

Tests for a countrywide network aimed at substituting services run through the world wide web have been carried out by Iran’s ministry of information and communication technology, according to a newspaper report. The move has prompted fears among its online community that Iran intends to withdraw from the global internet.

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  1. First stonings and now internet use? When will Iran ever stop?

    Those guys have their entire country locked up. There is an apostate, can;t remember his name, but he now lives in the US and broadcasts to Muslims around the world via satellite preaching to them why the quran is wrong, giving proof on their terms. He came from Egypt and was a cleric long ago and Iran clamped down on TV due to him. He is not only banned in Iran but of course they have a hit on him.

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