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WTD: mention in the TT’s comments the following information that is just too good to pass up. Follow the link WTD provides and check it out for yourself. KGS

Watch the video at the CNN link and note the Berlin correspondent avoids all characterizations of Germany’s own car-b-q problem’s though he does allude to the fact that it is endemic to certain neighborhoods.

Quote from article at link: “On Wednesday, a German official said Burkhart was also under investigation in relation to a fire in Neukirchen, near Frankfurt.” FWIW, the following comment was noted as a response to CNN’s article:

agone26097 harry is chechen, his mom is an ethnic russian or ukranian prostitute who lived in chechnya and gave birth to a chechen moslem trick’s kid…….she’s been linked to the chechen/russian prostitution and criminal gangs for years, got to frankfurt and kept running here……..another 48 hrs will bear this all out…….so sayeth agone

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  1. Interesting to see this comment picked up & posted . . . heh. But there is more!
    Wiki has an entry on this topic, loaded with source links. Some details provided at one of those source links, LA Times, Jan. 4, 2012:

    “. . .Court records unsealed Tuesday only added another layer of mystery to Harry Burkhart’s background, as detectives in Los Angeles try to determine whether Dorothee Burkhart’s legal problems played a role in the arson rampage. Her routine criminal charges, which included falsifying the down payment on her breast augmentation surgery, received an unusual amount of attention from German and U.S. authorities, as well as Interpol, the international policing organization.” “. . .Like her son, Dorothee Burkhart remains an enigma. Court documents, for instance, describe her as a German national, but in court, she spoke German as haltingly as English, and at a previous hearing had been granted a Russian-language interpreter. She described herself to a former landlord as “Canadian German.”
    Victoria Nuland, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman, said it was also unclear how the Burkharts had gained entry to the United States. Federal immigration officials said they believed Harry Burkhart was in the United States with a legal visa that is due to expire in two weeks. But authorities could not find a visa file for Dorothee Burkhart.
    Dorothee Burkhart was in Frankfurt as recently as October, court papers said, before flying into Las Vegas and then accompanying her son to the German Consulate in Los Angeles to renew her son’s passport. But immigration officials said Tuesday that the court document is incorrect and that the last time she entered the country was in 2007.”

    Characterized as a “German national” yet requiring a Russian interpretter?

    The commenter quoted in the earlier thread placed the following additional details in comments to the LATimes story – AND is complaining that these comments are being censored:

    agone26097 “These two are not Germans, She’s a Russian, he carries Chechen papers. Germany took them in as refugees from Chechnya. German authorities accuse the two of running a Frankfurt brothel then burning it down for insurance. They fled here. Her operation in LA (prostitution) is controlled by Russians. US Attorney said she needed a Russian interpreter

    As a side thought . . .Harry’s mother’s arrest warrant was issued in Germany, triggering a memory of yet another alarming ‘executive order’ recently signed by the current occupant of the oval office. Why Does Interpol Need Immunity from American Law? I’m not defending these two charlatans (Dorothee & Harry Burkhart – if that is their real names) – but it certainly raises curiosity about Interpol’s involvement – suggesting there is more to this story.

  2. CBS: Accused Hollywood Arsonist Appears Ill in Court

    “Burkhart, who used a German interpreter, appeared ill after entering the courtroom. He was twitching and leaning his head back, requiring the assistance of three deputies to stand and, even, hold his head up. The judge ordered photographers present to not take his picture.
    It was reported earlier Wednesday that Burkhart was under suicide watch.”

    Vancouver Sun:
    Vancouver man charged in L.A. arson spree suffers from autism: documents

    VANCOUVER — A man who lived in Vancouver as recently as 2010 and is linked to a multi-million-dollar arson spree in Southern California suffers from a host of health conditions, including autism and severe anxiety, according to a medical doctor in the city.

    Dr. Blaga Stancheva wrote in a letter dated March 23, 2010 that Harry Burkhart has suffered from autistic spectrum disorder since he was a young child and is “not stable mentally.”
    “Together with autism, he has severe anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and a sleeping condition,” the doctor wrote.
    The letter was submitted as an exhibit by Burkhart’s mother, Dorothee Burkhart, as part of a motion to move the date of a trial for a small claims case in which she was involved in B.C. provincial court. The mother said her son’s “bad health condition” prevented him from appearing as a witness.”

    Globe and Mail: LA Arson Suspect and Mother Lived in Vancouver – Filed Refugee Claim
    Refugee claim from Germany? Really?

    1. Thanks WTD, I’ll keep an eye on this.It’s interesting to note that medical issues are the first to appear, and no mention of his actual background other than coming from Germany…nothing prior to that, like Chechnya. typical

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