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The Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians (and other peoples of non-Muslim beliefs) that inhabit the regions Islamized over the centuries, have faced cruel intimidation and persecution for their beliefs at the hands of the Muslims. It’s a fact, not conjecture, that once an area becomes Islamized, the people and the culture of the host society which once comprised the majority, eventually becomes a persecuted minority, and their own culture next to extinct.

The talk of multiculturalism in regards to Islam has always been a lop-sided affair, a one way street. The ideology of Islam only allows for a monoculture to flourish in its wake, an Arabic culture to be precise, the original culture must give way. If any of the former culture attributes still exist, they exist only in the sense that they conform with Islamic norms. In other words, they do not ‘violate’ traditional Islamic sensibilities, like honor killings and female genital mutilation.

Pakistan is on its way to finally casting off the last vestiges of the remaining tolerance and civility it once had, a holdover from being a part of the Hindu state of India. This is not to say that Hindus and Sikhs do not have a violent past, but when you look at how the two states treat their minorities, you have to come to the conclusion that the Hindu state is the far more compassionate of the two, and that Islam will never tolerate ‘ the other’. KGS

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