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The Mustards are thrilled.

Lars Vilks… not so thrilled.

The swedish police are to blame for the farcical ending to what should have been an open and shut case of attempted murder by three fanatical (pious) Muslims, who were long in planning the attack on the hapless professor of art theory. Buy better listening and recording equipment. KGS

Court orders Vilks plot suspects released

Published: 28 Dec 11 16:36 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

The three men accused of planning to murder controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks in a foiled attack in Gothenburg on September should be sentenced to prison, prosecutors argued in their closing arguments on Wednesday. 

“My client is incredibly relieved,” defence attorney Urban Gilborne told the TT news agency following news of his client’s release, announced late Wednesday afternoon by the Gothenburg District Court.”I’ve also spoken with his family and they are overjoyed and excited that he’s coming home.”According to Gilborne, the court’s decision to life the remand order on the three suspects, who have been held in custody since September, is a sign that they are innocent.

He emphasized, however, that the final verdict won’t be announced until January 20th.

“I’ve claimed the whole time that the evidence was weak,” he said.

Vilks, known for his controversial artwork published in Nerikes Allehanda in 2007, has been subject to several attacks and threats and has received plenty of media attention.

During a four day hearing, which concluded on Wednesday, prosecutors attempted to prove that the three men suspects intended to murder Vilks during a biennial art show at the Röda Stengallery in Göteborg on September 11th.

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