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There are a few inconsistencies in the logic of the person interviewed. Auroma speaks of removing ‘obstacles’ for immigrants to participate in Finnish society, then speaks of setting in place massive set of curtains. She then invents a family nude swimming period for ethnic Finns to provide a thin veneer for her scheme. I seriously doubt families are going to take to nude swimming with other families, regardless of the Finnish sauna culture. It’s simply not going to happen.

They might have their children swimming in the buff, but we’re talking about toddlers and very young children here, who would never need a curtain in Finnish culture.

The whole situation stinks. For someone to integrate into society, they either conform to the norms of that society, or distance themselves, but its their choice to make. Making sweeping accommodations for their lifestyle choices (that’s what they are, choices) is sealing the idea that we will allow competing societies, with the majority caving into the minority’s every whim and grievance.

This is pure Islamization, with stupid (no doubt well meaning) nincompoops bending over backwards to accommodate the backwards. KGS

H/T: Kumitonttu Who asks: Why? Who has guaranteed all public services to everyone and to fullfill their own individual needs? What if I want to learn scuba-diving – should the city of Vantaa make it happen, or could they possibly advise me to get my special wants from the private market?

Swimming pool purchases curtains for swimmers

HS: Martinlaakso swimming pool will begin swimming periods for immigrants early next year. In practice, after normal business hours are held, the hall’s large windows will be covered with curtains. The arrangements are related to an immigrant directed campaign of Sports For Everyone – in Vantaa’s integration exercise project.

– The Hall was fitted with curtains this autumn. The project is within the framework of our central task to remove all kinds of obstacles. There have been obstacles to immigrants, because the swimming pools are open places, immigrants have not been able possible to participate in swimming activities, says Project Manager Marja Auroma.

The project has been partnered with sports and immigrant organizations, youth organizations and schools.

Auroma justifies the introduction of the curtains, Vantaa intends to allow for swimming for all who want it. Curtains are also used during times school groups are using it, if the group is made up of immigrant children.

Swimming periods for immigrants are centered in Martinlaakso and Korso.

Vantaa has also a swimming pool in Korso thats held separate swimming for immigrants, but the use of curtains has not been necessary because of the swimming pool’s architecture. Martinlaalso’s swimming pool walls are entirely of glass.

– At the moment we do not have similar activities planned for the next year at Tikkurila or at the newly opened swimming pool at  Hakunila. We strive to centralize these functions at the Martinlaakso and Korso swimming pools, Auroma says.

Martinlaakso swimming pool is arranging in the autumn for families to swim naked, the curtains will be also used then.

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  1. Some people need to grow up. There are actually not so many people waiting for the chance to ogle them.

    Depriving regular swimmers of their outside views and and ability to see the swimmers in other lanes is just plain nuts.

    You don’t ‘remove obstacles’ by creating obstacles.

  2. What is everyones’ problem here?
    I’m all for a curtain to separate Muslim swimmers from non-Muslim swimmers. How about a massive curtain of barbed wire with a few booby traps fitted here and there? Let’s keep them away from us and us away from them! In fact, an enormous curtain drawn around the Middle East (Israel excepted of course) would be a great way to keep the free world free, and keep the lunatics in the asylum!

    1. when you invite them home….you are not entirely free now are you…..that is the problem…..wake up……

  3. @Softly Bob

    Yes!! I cannot believe how much Western Europe has been overrun by these spoiled brats! I

  4. you people are selling your souls to the devil…..soon they will eradicate you and you will cease to exist…..please wake up europe……

  5. YES! Let there be invincible curtains to seperate the muslims lunatics from non-muslims so that there will be no fear amongst us.

  6. “enormous curtain drawn around the Middle East ”
    I have been saying for years that we should have stricter codes of conduct. This is a multicultural world – there is a place and a life style for everyone, somewhere. If this lifestyle doesn’t suit you, find one that does.
    Given the sheer expanse of the islamic countries, there is no difficulty finding a shari’ah conform society if that is how one wishes to live.

    But please, some space must be left for free peoples.

  7. how about a curtain made up of drawings from ‘everybody draw muhammad day?’

    1. That will have to be done clandestine like,…with cameras at the ready before it’s snatched away. Great idea though!

  8. Who will deal with the “after normal business hours” oil slick?

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