Anders Brievik's terrorist attack Norway



The pressure to make the anti-Islamization movement, most notably, Fjordman, responsible for the actions of Anders Breivik is immense. One thing that the TT does agree with the dissenting psychiatrists is that Breivik is not insane, but neither was his mass murder of 77 innocents motivated by ideology, no matter what it appears in his manifesto. Dr.Michael Welner who should be called in to testify, explains:

There was also a lot going on in the mind of Breivik concerning his private family life, according to one report (in Norwegian), “apart from a telephone call in 2005, Breivik’s father hasn’t had contact with his son for 15 (!) years prior to the terror attacks.”

Nobody else is to blame for the terror attacks, we can all feel sorry for Breivik’s parents, but still, you are not a very good father if you don’t say a single word to your own son in more than fifteen years. Interestingly enough, the father was a member of the Labor Party and had worked in the very government office building his son bombed.

Explosive daddy issues?

Experts criticize the Norwegian mental examination of Breivik

YLE: Norwegian mass killer’s innocent by reason of insanity may need to be reexamined. Some members of the psychological medical board familiar with the forensic medical examination of Anders Breivik, believe that the report has serious shortcomings.

Says an anonymous source according to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK.

According to NRK​​, part of the panel of seven members question the psychiatrists conclusion that Breivik is mentally ill and therefore irresponsible. The insane can not be sentenced to jail, but sent to compulsory treatment.

The Board, according to NRK, focused attention to the fact that the psychiatrists have not paid attention to the killer’s set of ideological beliefs.

The forensic medical board is expected to make public the final report before the end of the year. Breivik killed 77 people in Oslo and Utøyan on the island last summer.

NOTE: The Norwegian forensic medical community are out of their depth, they need to call in a real expert like Dr.Welner who has studied other mass murders, to evaluate Breivik, and render his own findings. It’s entirely reasonable to assume, until proven 100% incorrect, that he was targeting the demons in his mind related to his father, this has nothing to do with the Counterjihad and everything to do with his personal life.

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