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This is what happens when demographics shift and Islam reaches critical mass in numbers, the pressure against the existing host culture begins, and it’s either flee or convert. Not all Muslims would partake in such depravity (just stand and observe), but a number of them however would, remember it’s always the traditionalist/fundamentalist that has to be feared the most, and the silent majority.

I would advise not watching this video, one of the rare times I will issue such a statement, the site is absolutely gruesome. The father is hung and the children are butchered as goats. KGS

*CORRECTION : The TT labeled it Indonesia, Stonefree2rant observed that it was actually in Thailand. The TT regrets the mistake and appreciates EF2R’s heads up.

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  1. When and where did this happen? Can’t get the video to load. I live in Indonesia.

  2. Video saysThailand! BNI had this up a while back. You should be more careful: anti-anti jihaders always looking for error.

    Luv ya anyway!

    1. Thanks Stonrfree2rant. I made the corrections and gave you the H/T for the find. My slip.

  3. I’m back! This is really messed up, and is one more proof that yo can’t trust BNI. They simply don’t do their homework.

    It took me abut 30 seconds to find the truth on this one: nothing to do with Islam or Muslims:

    In my own blogging, although I get ideas from sites such as your and JIhad watch, I never cite them, but rather corss che3ck, and use sources coisdered”maistream.” Although the reporting may be biased, the facts will be reported. Re3uters often has small slugs on southern Thailand violence for example.

    I suggest you do the same: TT, BNI and so on are already on board the counter jihad, so what is the point of simply stoking up your readers? The aim should be to convince the fence sitters and skeptics, and their is enough evil in the Islamic world to do so, without giving yourself a black eye.

    Jihad watch, in another example, was all over the Liege and LA shootings, with no real data. Mr Spencer then quietly dropped both, refusing to apologize for attributing the Liege shooter’s Islamic motives to a report in a non-existent Karachi newspaper.

    BNI, I read for amusement, but I’m disappointed in you guys. Mistakes like this one are exactly what the anti counterjihad crowd are looking for to discredit critics of Islam. Don’t help them

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